Shower Melts

  • Relaxing

Shower bombs to enhance your mood & soothe your skin. 

We created these little pick-me-ups as a bath bomb alternative for the shower. Gently exfoliate your skin as the melt fizzes up & releases a unique mood-enhancing essential oil blend. Nourishing butters will leave you moisturised and glowing. For a spa-like experience, try our clay melts which also help to draw our impurities. 

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Sundown Mood Melt
from £2.95
Sleeping Beauty Mood Melt
from £2.95
Naked Spa Clay Shower Melt
from £3.25
Aqua Karma Mood Melt Pack of 8
Aqua Karma Mood Melt Gift Set
Sleeping Beauty Mood Melt pack of 8
Sleeping Beauty Mood Melt Gift Set