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Since 2015, we've been on a mission to create natural products with premium ingredients at fair prices.

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We live for the outdoors, so making products that aren't harmful to us or our surroundings is in our DNA. We also believe that prices should reflect high quality ingredients, not brand names.

explore our shower melt gift sets

An easy to use shower treat to lift anyones mood and soften their skin. Each gift set includes instructions, plus you can also include a gift note completely free of charge.

just £21.95 - delivery included

Shower spa discovery with a free gift


Gift them the full range for £23.95


Send them a four pack for £11.50


Calming clays draw out impurities and detoxify, leaving your skin soft to touch.

Mango fruit powder gently exfoliates, helping to remove dead skin cells.

Packed with nourishing cocoa butter to replenish moisture and revive your skin.

Take your pick depending on your mood, packed with pure essential oils to help you de-stress.

Shower Clay Spa Melt Gift Set
Shower Mood Melt Gift Set | Eight Pack


shower melt REVIEWS


Oh my gosh these are amazing, I'm obsessed! I'm a new mum and these shower melts are the little treat I need when I get the chance to have a shower haha! My skin was so soft afterwards and my bathroom smelt like a spa! I will definatly be giving these as gifts to other mum friends!


Gorgeously scented, exfoliating and moisturising. One melt usually lasts me a good three showers.

Rachael Ross

This was included in the happy birthday gift box from my daughter (she always buys me something special from your store). I've woken up with a stinker of a cold and deserved a treat, so gave this one a try.

I've never used a shower melt before - the instructions on your website were a great help - the melt lasted for ages it went around my body umpteen times, it smelt divine which helped with my cold, and I forgot about it moisturising my body afterwards, so no need for the body lotion.

This is a three in one winner cleanser/exfoliator/moisturiser and under £3!

Tina Allen

What a lovely shower experience, leaves my skin beautifully soft and smells wonderful. My skin felt so soft for many hours after my shower. Lovely experience and felt very luxurious.

Off to order a few more for that special shower experience, lovely for special gifts too for friends and family.

Debbi De Winnaar

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All our packaging is sustainbly sourced and from recycled materials. Even our protective packing wotsits are made from cornstarch, making them fully biodegradable.

We only use pure essential oils and high quality natural ingredients. Avoiding SLS's, Parabens, Synthetic Scents and Fragrances.

For especially sensitive skin, we recommend our Naked Clay Spa Shower Melt. It's packed with ultra soothing cucumber oil and totally free from essential oils.

We have a no quibbles return policy. If you're unhappy about a product, just let us know and we'll make it our mission to make things right!