WiDEYE Relaxation Ritual

Try the following WiDEYE relaxation ritual and let this soothing blend take over for the evening…

Step 1

Start your evening by taking to the shower and immersing yourself in the wonderful Lemongrass & vanilla essential oils packed into your Sundown Mood Melt. As the shower fills with aroma lather the shower bomb over your skin to kindly soften it as you enter complete blissfulness.

Step 2

Once out of the shower, head to the space where you plan to relax for the evening and light your Lemongrass & Vanilla candle, giving the room a calming hue.

Step 3 

Now ready to sit down for the evening, take your Sundown Mood Oil, and in a circular motion, slowly massage the relaxing blend into your pulse points. Now you can sit back and relax for the evening feeling the wonders of the essential oils. 

Remember you can apply your mood oil throughout your daily routine to feel the calming benefits of the essential oils and bring back that same relaxing ritual feeling.