Antioxidant Charcoal Clay Spa Set
Regular price £16.95
A True Detoxifying Power House...

Antioxidant Charcoal Clay Spa Set

Regular price £16.95
A True Detoxifying Power House...
Antioxidant Charcoal Clay Spa Set
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Our specialists have specifically paired these items together to give you the ultimate detoxifying set, which will help draw our impurities leaving you feeling refreshed and replenished after an evening of you time...

Why Charcoal? 

Activated charcoal is one of the most powerful ingredients we use when it comes to drawing out impurities from the skin, here are some reasons you might love it! 

Brightens the Skin
Purifies the Pores
Rids the skin of dead cells
Helps reduce shine
Good for acne

Choose between our Sharkpool bath bomb or Charcoal Clay Spa Shower Melt.

• Skin Fuel Clay Mask
• Charcoal Clay Spa Shower Melt or a Sharkpool Bath Bomb
• Black Rose Soap 

With our Sharkpool Bath Bomb... 

  1. Fill up the bath and drop your Sharkpool Bath Bomb in to the warm water.
  2. Before jumping in, give your face a quick cleanse and apply the Skin Fuel Clay Mask.

  3. Allow the charcoal and clay within the face mask to naturally draw out impurities as you soak in the purifying Seaweed based bath bomb.  

  4. Once your feel replenished, take the Black Rose Mineral Soap and slowly wash off your face mask.

  5. Now feeling fresh and purified give yourself one last scrub with the Black Rose Soap to give your skin a moisturising layer of the butters to feel replenished as you ease in to the evening.

With Our Charcoal Clay Spa Shower Melt... 

  1. Start things off by giving your face a good cleanse before applying our skin Skin Fuel Face Mask.

  2. Sit back and relax for 15 minutes whilst the face mask draws out all impurities from your skin.

  3. Run the tap in your shower and step in as the warming water and steam gently open up your pores as you rinse off your face mask.

  4. Take your Charcoal Clay Spa Melt and soothingly lather over your skin, covering your self in the antioxidising natural clay based formulation.

  5. To finish things off, give your skin one final detox and a quick layer of moisturising butters by washing down with your Black Rose Soap. 

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Activated Charcoal

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Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is particularly good for dry or damaged skin. A powerful natural detoxifier. Activated Charcoal absorbs a huge amount of impurities from the body and skin, specifically oils and toxins to leave you skin smooth and clear. Entirely natural, and active through its rich mineral content.

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Kaolin Clay

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Papaya Oil

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