Eye Opener | Five hidden gems along the south east coast.

by Sam Bull

Summer is just around the corner, and if you're like all of us at WiDEYE, you are probably starting to think about the next beach to tick off your list. So we've gathered a few of our favourites! Including some lesser known spots mostly known to locals only...

Fairlight Glen

Fairlight Glen

Located just outside of Hastings, Fairlight Glen is arguably one of the most beautiful locations on the south east coast. A winding path of weathered trees and peaceful streams lead you all the way down to a small secluded cove with crystal clear water, surrounded by rugged cliffs. Just note that clothing is optional! 

On a really low tide you can even walk all the way along the beach to the next spot along, Pett Level. 

Pett Level Beach 

Pett Level Beach

Often left aside in favour of the rolling dunes of Camber Sands, Pett Level beach is full of history and has tonnes to explore. You can nose around the left overs of a prehistoric forest, swallowed up by rising sea levels. Be sure to catch it on low tide for a full display, but if swimming is on your agenda we'd recommend waiting for high. 

Cuckmere Haven Beach

Cuckmere Haven

Located just outside of Brighton, this quiet pebble beach is dominated by the white chalk cliffs of the Seven Sisters just to the east. It sits at the mouth of the meandering Cuckmere river. In the summer you can hire stand up paddle boards or kayaks and cruise up stream towards the beach. 

Botany Bay 

Botany Bay

Surrounded by beautiful chalk stacks, it's a not a place you want to leave unticked off your beach list. Once the tide drops, it's also a haven for fossil hunting and crab spotting. 

West Wittering Beach

Not exactly hidden, but if you're looking for a long sandy beach not too far from London this would be one of our go-to's. You really can't go wrong with a day spent on a beautiful white, sandy beach!
Which beach have you got on your agenda? We'd love to hear in the comments! 

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