Next Level Skin Nourishment.

    Restore moisture and repair your skin. We created our nutrient-dense balms to pack a moisturizing and restorative punch. Enriched with vitamins and shea butter, they work wonders for the driest of skin.

    Take a look at our active balms which boast aromatherapeutic & healing benefits to cater for specific needs. 

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    Poshi Skin Nourishing Balm
    from £8.95
    Sun & Wind Repair Balm
    from £4.95
    Muscle Management Balm
    from £4.95
    Tea Tree Magic Balm
    from £4.95
    Sleeping Beauty Balm
    from £4.95
    Bug Repellent Balm
    from £4.95
    Barefoot Rescue Foot Balm
    from £4.95