Our goal is to open the worlds eyes to the power of nature, through our unique scents, freshly made non-irritating products, for anyone & everyone, inspired by the wind, the mountains & the waves. Guided by our strong moral compass and dedication to minimising our impact on our home planet.

How we see natural

To us, natural means using ingredients that are as close to their natural form as possible. Most of the ingredients we take from nature need to be changed in some way, cocoa seeds are ground & pressed to make butter, essential oils are extracted. What’s important to us is that any ingredient we use goes through as few of these steps as possible, maintaining the benefits nature has to offer & staying true to its natural form… With that in mind each ingredient across our range serves a clear purpose, with a benefit to either our body, skin or mind. 

Committed to our planet

As we see it, it's not just about profit these days. We feel a responsibility to minimise our impact on our home, the planet. From production through to end-product we aim to minimise the amount of materials we use and Co2 we produce. In the last couple of years we've cut out all single use plastics from our range & introduced a bottle return program across our stores. You can also find 100% compostable wotsits to protect your order and eco-friendly packing tape to keep it all together!


All the wonderful WiDEYE scents you can find across our range are guided by our deep connection to the water, waves, wind & snow. whether you find your moments of calm on the peak of a mountain, a desolate beach or sitting in the line-up waiting to paddle into your next bomb, we've created something to help transport you back to that special moment.


From day one, we wanted to ensure any of our products could be enjoyed by everyone & anyone, without discriminating between genders on price or stereotypes. Across our range you will only find products with a clear purpose rather than gender.

Responsible trading

We have a strong moral compass which guides anything from how we source our ingredients to the relationships we build with our suppliers. This means ensuring we only purchase from companies that do not test on animals, sustain fair labour practices, safe working conditions and also uphold an environmental responsiblity.

We carefully consider each and every ingredient that goes into our products, avoiding anything we believe serves no benefit.

From production to end-product, we feel a responsibility to minimise the materials we consume and the C02 we produce.

From the very outset, WiDEYE has been shaped by our deep connection to water, waves, wind and snow.

Our products have been formulated so they can be used and enjoyed by everyone. We see skin type as the most important factor.

We have a strong moral compass which guides anything from how we source our ingredients to the relationships we build with our suppliers.