Tips From The Team: Home Spa Rituals Under £3

by Lawrence Bull

We've always made it our mission to provide great value with our products. This means charging fair prices whilst using high quality natural ingredients across our recipes. 

If you're looking to up your self-care game this Winter, but are conscious about the costs, here are few simple and easy ideas you can try for less than £3 for every go!

Ultra-nourishing & De-Stressing Bath Spa Session 

Cost for each ritual: £2.75
Product: Small Aqua Karma Butter Cup

This ritual is all about nourishing dry skin, which is very common over Winter. It's also based around our Aqua Karma blend, which has been specifically designed to help you de-stress. 

The Rich and velvety Butter Cup will fill your bath with moisturising butters, whilst encapsulating your bathroom with our super relaxing Aqua Karma natural essential oil blend. 

Simply drop your Buttercup in the bath, sit back, read a book or just shut your eyes. 

*you can also throw an Aqua Karma Mood Roller into the mix, so you can touch up with our Aqua Karma Blend as and when you need a moment to de-stress.

Bed-time exfoliating skin treat

Cost for each ritual: Approx £1.50
Product: Sleeping Beauty Sugar Scrub £3.95 (can be used 2-3 times)

This one is great for either your bath or shower, and an absolute must if you want to go to bed feeling amazing. The blend combines soothing Lavender & Vetiver, which are incredibly calming, perfect before bed. 

Take your sugar scrub and gently rub over your body in small circular motions whilst in the bath or shower. The combination of sugar and cocoa butter will remove dead skin and deeply nourish,  leaving you silky smooth.

*You could also grab a Sleeping Beauty Pillow Spray for an extra touch of our soothing blend just before you nod off. 

Set a festive, warming & uplifting tone

Cost for each ritual: Approx £1.24
Product: Wax Melter With ATN Melts £9.95 (8 wax melts)

Get into the Christmas spirit whilst filling your space with an uplifting & warming essential oil blend. These wax melts are made with soy wax, a natural alternative to paraffin for a cleaner burn. 

We've combined Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Mandarin for an uplifting and soul-soothing winter aroma. Designed specifically to ignite some Christmas spirit and turn your home into WiDEYE wonderland. 

Simply light your candle and start melting one your wax melt squares to let the aroma slowly fill your room. Goes perfectly alongside a classic Christmas film and a pair of comfy slippers. Explore more from the All Things Nice Range here. 

We'll be suggesting more low-cost home-spa ideas over the next few months. We'd also love to hear how you are all using your WiDEYE products to create your very own home-spa, so drop a comment below if you have anything you'd like to share 🙌 

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