How We See It | Four Reasons Surfers Against Sewage Need Our Support

by Sam Bull

For us at WiDEYE, being located by the Sea has been a huge inspiration behind our range of products which avoids dangerous synthetics & plastic packaging. We also like to support organisations that share our outlook on the way we should treat our surroundings. Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is one of these organisations. They have worked tirelessly since early 90s to keep our waters safe, so let’s explore a few reasons why they need our support!

Clean water ways

Last year, almost 400000 sewage spills were reported across the UK, with many cases leading to closed beaches. There has also been an increased number of people getting sick from the spillages, not to mention the adverse effects this has on marine wildlife. Surfers Against Sewage have been successfully holding the water companies accountable for their actions, with top bosses recently relinquishing bonuses as a result of the campaigning. If you are worried about swimming in safe waters this Summer, you can keep up to date with spillages on the SAS app here!

Plastic pollution

Plastic is one of the greatest threats to our oceans and whilst action is being taken, recent research carried out by SAS found that three companies (Mcdonalds, CocaCola & Pepsi) were responsible for 39% of all branded pollution found. Having this data is key for instigating change in the main players, who are directly responsible for some of the main threats to our waters.

Ocean recovery

From over fishing to pollution, our oceans are slowly being degraded. This is even set to accelerate with the exploration of possibilities for deep sea mining underway. So it’s really important that we start taking action putting laws in place to preserve our oceans. In 2013, SAS formed the Protect Our Waves All-Party Parliamentary Group - ‘which brings together MPs representing the UK’s key coastal communities to address the most urgent environmental issues highlighted by the Protect Our Waves’ - this was as a result of breakthrough campaigns which bought ocean issues to the forefront.

The Ocean & climate emergency

More than 90% of the heat generated by greenhouse gas is absorbed by the ocean and on the flip side ecosystems such as sea beds could be one the keys to reducing global warming. Raising awareness about the important role the ocean plays is key for progress. SAS have been at the forefront of events such as COP26, demanding that the Ocean is considered as a key part of policy making.

By supporting SAS, we protect the ocean and its precious resources, inspire conscious consumerism, and foster collaboration for a sustainable future. If you want to support them directly you can do so here. Alternatively, you will also be able to purchase our SAS limited edition soap between the 1st of June and the 31st of August, with 50% of proceeds being donated to surfers against sewage. 

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