How We See It | Three reasons to avoid Parrafin Wax Candles...

by Sam Bull

The debate surrounding the effects of candle fumes on our health has been ongoing for a while now and doesn't look like it's going to be concluded soon. Whilst all types of wax release emissions, Paraffin-based candles are the main type in question here, so why might they be bad? And are there any other reasons to avoid these types of candles?

Crude Oil

Paraffin candles and our health

One of the main studies that has looked into this assessed the extent to which levels of chemicals such as toluene emitted by paraffin candles could negatively affect our health. In high concentrations, Tuolene can have serious side effects. These include respiratory issues, dizziness and drowsiness amongst many other things. The study was inconclusive, however, there were some indications that these types of candles could potentially be harmful. 

Another study by Maastricht University found polycyclic hydrocarbons in churches that exceeded levels measured next to main roads. With these particles being the culprits of numerous health issues, it was recommended that the churches reduce the number of Parrafin-based candles used and increase ventilation.

Whilst there isn't any concluding information about the extent to which Parrafin wax candles could affect our health, at WiDEYE we think it's best avoided given the alternative options out there.

Parrafin candles and the environment

Parrafin wax is a chemical compound extracted from crude oil. This has the highest carbon footprint of all energy types. We could write an entire book on how terrible crude oil is, so when it comes to candles it seems sensible to use an alternative.

oil spill

Parrafin candles and synthetic fragrances

It's also worth considering the other elements that are combined with most Parrafin wax candles. For the most part, these are low-quality candles so you're also getting cheap and nasty synthetic fragrances. Lots of these are derivatives of the petroleum industry with many suspected to be harmful. Ingredients you might find include things like Benzenethanol, which is known to cause adverse health effects in larger quantities.

Soy wax and pure essential oils, a much better alternative.

Soy wax has been our go-to from the very start. From a health perspective, we see it as a much cleaner alternative as your avoiding petroleum based chemicals. When it comes to sustainability, soybeans provide a more eco-friendly alternative to crude oil as well. So it seems like a bit of a no-brainer!

Soy Beans
We use pure essential oil blends in all our candles, this takes away any exposure to petroleum-based fragrances which as mentioned can be highly detrimental to our health.

Finally, in terms of performance, the 'throw' on soy wax candles is incredible. We find that even once you've put your candle out it will continue to fill your room with the wonderful aroma for a long while afterwards.

Whilst Soy Wax candles do come at a higher cost than standard paraffin candles, we definitely think it's worth it. Our Soy Wax Melts are also a great option, these cost a little less and the scent is equally as incredible! You can check them out here.

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