Tips From The Team | Three Summer Spa Treatment Ideas

by Sam Bull

The Summer months can bring all kinds of sores, burns & rashes which can sometimes be difficult to treat. Luckily there are plenty of natural remedies we can call upon. So we’ve put together some home-spa treatments for three common issues you might come across over the summer. As always, they all use a range of natural, synthetic-free products to keep your skin feeling fresh and your body safe, without putting anything harmful into our surroundings.

Ultra Nourishing Aloe Vera Face Mask

Dry, red or even singed skin can become a problem over the summer months. Even the most careful beach-goers are bound to end up with some form of sunburn before the colder months kick in. Luckily, Aloe Vera is a readily available plant on our planet and is seemingly the ultimate remedy for sore, sun-kissed skin. The gel is also straight from the source, making it an incredible natural ingredient that doesn’t require much processing.

Aloe Vera

The Vitamin & Mineral rich gel is able to penetrate the epidermis and deeply nourish the next two layers. It also locks in moisture captured from the air!

How to use: Take a pot of aloe gel, we’d recommend our Rehab Gel which also contains seaweed to repair damaged skin. Apply liberally to your face, leave on for approximately 20 minutes then rinse. Your skin should feel refreshed and revitalised, relieving you from sun-singed skin.

You could also try our Naked Aloe Gel if you have particularly sensitive skin. If you want to get experimental, try combining it with a few drops of citrus essential oil for an extra vitamin boost!

Barefoot Treatment

If you’ve just busted out the Birkenstocks for the first time this year, or you prefer to roll barefooted throughout the summer months your feet could be due a little bit of TLC. We’ve got a fantastic treatment idea for you, which firstly removes all the tough unwanted skin and then locks in moisture for an ultra smooth finish.

Feet on beach

Step one: Take one of our Exfoliating Salt Scrubs and a bucket filled with warm water. Let your feet soak in the warm water for five minutes to soften the skin. Next, gently rub the salt scrub into your sole, heel and around your toes for about 2-3 minutes on each foot or until the dead skin has been removed.

Step Two: For especially dry feet take our Barefoot Balm and rub all over. This will soak deeply into the soles of your feet providing lasting hydration. We then recommend using our Barefoot Cream before bed to maintain that sensation of silky smooth skin.

Stay refreshed with a facial spray

Feeling the heat? Your skin most likely is! To keep your face feeling fresh, a good spray can make a world of difference. A hydrating spritz can give makeup a boost and a more natural look. It can also help refresh your face if you’re feeling hot & bothered as well as keeping it hydrated.


Whilst traditionally speaking toners are used to remove excess dirt or makeup ours make a fantastic face spray that you can keep at the ready wherever you go. They are free from alcohol, so they won’t dry your skin out. They also have the added benefit of being made with essential oils that enhance your mood!

In general, our Balancing Toner is a great choice for most as the rose water is incredibly refreshing. However, we’d recommend taking a look at the entire range and picking whichever suits your skin the most.

Any change in season usually comes with a challenge for our complexions, especially the summer months! So if you are struggling at the moment, someone from our team will always be on hand to help with any concerns you might have. Our remedies will always be natural and formulated with high-quality ingredients from reputable sources whilst still being fairly priced.

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