Announcement | Our Surfers Against Sewage Fundraiser Is Back

by Sam Bull

It’s not too often that poo comes up as a topic here at WiDEYE, but you’ve probably heard the news that water companies have been regularly pumping it in to our surroundings. 

Luckily though, we’ve got Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) at the forefront of making change. What started out as a group of surfers who made some serious noise about the fact there local beaches were being used as dumping grounds, is now one of the leading voices for change and has only gone from strength to strength over the last decade.

For example, the ‘Dirty Money’ campaign has meant that OFWAT are now reviewing water company CEO and shareholder payouts, which have been slightly outrageous to say the least. The environment agency will also soon monitor water companies as a result of SAS campaigning, so we will have a better view of what’s really going on with waste. 

Why it’s important to us

With our HQ based in Rye Harbour on the Sussex coastline, we’ve heard our fair share of stories with both sea swims and sewage intertwining. Something that’s also always shocking is how the colour of the Sea changes so dramatically, quite literally painting a clear picture of the amount of waste going directly into our oceans.

Although it all sounds pretty gloomy, we’re feeling hopeful about the future, with SAS at the helm of pushing for change.

How you can support SAS with us 

Last year we raised £1250 through the sales of our SAS limited edition Spin Drift Soap bar! This year we want to more than double our donation and reach £3000, but how are we going to do this?

1 - We’re extending the time frame

This year the campaign will run all the way through to December, to give us a bit more time to raise as much as possible.

2 - We’re expanding the range

For starters, we're bringing back our Spin Drift Soap, since it was so popular last year! Our production team have also been hard at work developing a new after sun stick balm for your body. Which we’re really excited about!

How the donation works

We’ll be donating 25% of all revenue (minus the tax) of any of the products sold in-store or online. So for example if you buy a bar of soap for £5.25 and remove the tax, this leaves you with £4.38 - 25% off this will be donated to Surfers Against Sewage.

The products

SAS Ltd Edition Spin Drift Soap

Features our fresh & zingy Spindrift scent, to transport you to the sound of crashing waves and uplifting salty sea air. Of course, it’s handmade by us using natural ingredients and a traditional cold-process production method. This natural soap can be used all over your body in the shower or for hands.

Ingredient highlights

Spindrift Scent - Uplifting, Fresh & Zingy
Sunflower Oil - A versatile oil, light in texture and non-greasy
Cocoa Butter - A hydrating hit, provides mountains of moisture

SAS Ltd Edition Sun & Wind Balm

A pocket sized after-sun packed to the brim with natural active ingredients to cool and repair your skin after a long day in the elements. Helps ease redness and tackle dry, flaky skin. Proper after-sun treatment is also a great way to prolong tan, since it helps prevent peeling.

The pocket sized cardboard tube makes it great for carrying around, so you can act fast once your skin starts nudging your for a little helping hand. 

Ingredient highlights

Hemp Oil - Rehydrates the skin without greasiness
Shorea Butter - Natural moisturiser that also reduces skin inflammation
Lavender Spike - Helps to ease and reduce redness
Spearmint Oil - for an instant cooling sensation on the skin
St Johns Wort extract - herbal extract for healing the skin faster

The new products will be officially launching on the 8th of June, available both in-store and online.

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