Take a Closer Look: Avocado Oil

by Sam Bull

We love discovering new ingredients and finding new ways to apply their benefits! The best bit about what we do is experimenting with incredible natural ingredients and figuring out which products they work best in. Whilst new ingredients are always exciting, throughout our formulation process, we usually drawback to a few classics, with Avocado Oil being a hot contender for our favourite!

A short history lesson on Avocado Oil…

Originating from Mexico, the avocado was praised as the ultimate fruit by the Aztecs. Both for its benefits on the skin and overall health. We can owe it to the Spanish however for its popularity across the globe, as they were responsible for spreading the revolutionary fruit throughout their colonies. Nowadays the fruit is primarily grown in Mexico but can thrive anywhere with a tropical or Mediterranean climate. Even places like New Zealand are cultivating Avos at scale.


Industries that use Avocado oil

Whilst predominantly used in the skincare industry, Avocado oil is also starting to see some appliances in the kitchen, where the cold pressed version can be used for salad dressings or even shallow frying. If you’re looking to give this a go, be sure to use the extra virgin version. Fun fact, you can even find yourself an oat milk flat white served in an avocado skin if you go to the right places, the applications of the Avo seem endless!


Our Avocado Oil

Depending on the product either Refined or Cold-Pressed is best suited. Refined is a lot lighter, making it much easier to use products that don’t work well with heavier oils, such as shampoo & conditioner bars. We use cold-pressed in many of our soaps where it’s a great addition.

Whilst avocados are an incredibly resource-heavy fruit to grow, with many environmental & societal issues linked to them. Our oil is sourced as a by-product of the industry, damaged avocados that would otherwise be discarded get a new lease of life, making it a much more sustainable ingredient.

Key Benefits

There have been reports that workers in the industry ended up with excellent skin texture from handling avocados and the oil… out of all its applications, skincare is where it’s hailed. A high concentration of Vitamin E is the main reason it’s so good for our skin. Naturally occurring in our skin's sebum, Vitamin E helps create a natural barrier and lock in moisture. Equally beneficial in hair products, it’s great for maintaining a healthy scalp, it also promotes circulation which can help with hair growth.

Also packed with linoleic acid, oleic acid, and other mono-saturated fatty acids. Studies have shown it can help accelerate the how quickly wounds heal. 

Products with Avocado Oil

We actually have about 45 products in our range that contain Avocado Oil, here are some of our favourites!

Shower Melts - Packed with tonnes of beneficial ingredients, we include Avocado Oil across all variations for its moisturising effects. This helps you feel silky smooth as you step out of the shower.

Naked Facial Exfoliate - The Avocado oil helps lock in moisture as you remove dead skin.

After Dark Shower Gel - A super nourishing Shower Gel, also packed with Aloe juice which pairs amazingly well with Avo oil.

Babassu & Carrot Hot Shots - A light and nourishing hair treatment, the oil helps protect the scalp, improving circulation and hair growth.

Body Lotion - Found across the entire range, Avocado helps lock in moisture all over your body. A lovely light & nourishing skin treatment. 


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