Tips From The Team | Easily Forgotten Tips For Better Sleep

by Sam Bull

Helping you feel your best is what we are all about at WiDEYE, and sleep is without a doubt one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to feeling good.

Whilst a good nights sleep is key, there are a few things that are often forgotten when you find yourself tossing and turning in to the night. In this blog we’re going to remind you of some of those things! We're also going to cover some of the products we developed specifically to help you nod off at night.


Tip one - Only try and sleep when you’re feeling sleepy

This might go against the grain, since you’d think that the earlier you go to bed, the better chances you’d have of getting a good nights sleep. But sleep expert Stephanie Romiszewski, actually recommends not to do this. Lying in bed when you don’t feel tired can lead to an endless cycle of anxiety that keeps you up all night. So it’s actually best to read a book or do something relaxing (that isn’t strainfull work) until you feel tired, even if it means you don’t get all the hours on your sleep schedule.

Tip two - Stay well hydrated throughout the day

Maintaining proper hydration is probably one of the most important things we can do when it comes to our health. This spans from our skin all the way to how well we sleep. Bare in mind that it’s a not a good idea to over-hydrate just before bed, since you will increase the likelihood of waking up in the middle of the night.

Tip three - Keep your room nice and cool

Once that Winter heating comes on, it’s easy to turn things up and get that room roasting. Interestingly, cooler temperatures at night can kick start the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps us nod off at night. So opening up a window for a bit or turning down the heating once bedtime approaches can work really well.

Tip Four - Eat early

Whilst it’s up for debate what we should and shouldn’t eat in the evenings, leaving 3-4 hours between your last meal and bedtime is mostly considered a good idea. This is probably the most commonly mentioned sleep tip, but it’s surprising how easy it can be to forget!

If you’re really struggling, to the point that it’s affecting your wellbeing we’d recommend taking a look at this fantastic programn by the sleep expert Stephanie Romiszewski.

Cheat your way to sleep with these WiDEYE products...

In a lot of cases, stress & anxiety is what causes restlessness and essential oils might be just the thing to ease things up. So if you think you need a slight helping hand at night, try some of these WiDEYE products in the evenings.

Sleeping Beauty Pillow Spray

Can be kept by the bedside and applied to your pillow just before sleep to soothe and relax. Its compact size also make it ideal for travel especially for those who suffer from anxiety and stress and find it hard to wind down before bedtime. 

Sleeping beauty Balm

Our bedtime slumber balm will aid your sleep with the calming combination of Lavender and Vetiver. Massage gently into your temples and the back of your neck to soothe mind and body before sleep. 

Aqua Karma Mood Roller

With the sublime mix of Patchouli, Bergamot and Lime, Aqua Karma is the ultimate de-stress oil. It will clear your mind and help you relax, a great pick me up when you're feeling low. 

Sundown Room Spray 

Our Sundown blend is the perfect mix of woody sweet Eucalyptus uplifting Sweet Orange and relaxing Vanilla. ideal for filling your space with a nice de-stressing aroma before bed.  



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