Ingredient Insight | Four Reasons to Love WiDEYE Bath Bombs!

by Sam Bull

Four reasons to Love WiDEYE Bath Bombs 

With a wonderful growing fan base  of WiDEYE Bath Bomb aficionados, we wanted to dive into some of the reasons our Handmade Bath Bombs are so special. Whilst there are plenty of places you can go to buy your favourite bath time treat, there are a few things you may not know about our range that make them that little bit extra special! 

Freshly HandMade 

We’ve always made our bath bombs lovingly by hand one-by-one. The advantage to making each one individually means we can ensure they are always up to our standards. Behind this, having a team that is as passionate as they are about bath bombs not only means a lot of love goes in to them, but the innovation for new treats is always fizzing away! We’re sure our bombs will always meet your expectations, and you can also look forward to plenty of new bath bomb creations arriving in the near future!

Natural and Pure Essential oils 

It goes without saying how across our entire range of products we only use 100% pure essential oils from reputable suppliers we trust. For our Bath Bombs we make no compromises, and each flavour  contains a carefully thought out blend of botanical goodness. You might have also noticed how we like to use organic dried flowers and herbs across our range, we find that this really helps to give that extra special touch for a magical bath time experience… 

Free from synthetic Dyes 

Synthetics Dyes are something that we believe needs to become a thing of the past! Not only are synthetic Dyes responsible in some instances for environmental  pollution, when it comes to our bodies these also contain plenty of toxins that we think are best avoided. Our alternative! Using only natural dyes means that we can avoid all these harsh chemicals that can be damaging to our skin and the environment whilst also enjoying a colourful dip in the bath! 

Packaging free play time!

One of the things we also love about bath bombs is the fact that they are completely packaging free, this makes them a great eco-friendly gift for both Children and adults alike! 

With a huge selection of aromatherapeutic flavours to choose from, we’d love to hear which are your favourites! Please let us know in the comments which bath bomb treat is your go-to!

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