Eye Opener | Why we see no gender in skincare

by Maisy Bull

At WiDEYE you won’t find one section for ‘Men’ and another for ‘Women’. When you walk into one of our stores or browse our website you’ll instead notice a place for; Gifts, Face, Body, Bath, Shower, and Hair. Having gender labels that point you to your own designated space, really ignores the nuances and very individual thing that is your skin. To us, it seems like the division of the ‘Men’ and ‘Woman’ section assumes that our gender, should determine the needs of our skin. When actually, it’s lifestyle and genetics which have an even more important role to play.



We believe that the needs of our skin are shaped by our lifestyle and genes more than our genitals.

Choosing a product based on ingredients that tend to you specifically, is far more productive. A lifestyle that entails constant sun exposure, harsh winds, or cold weather can be experienced by all genders, and the same can be said for a lifestyle that doesn’t allow the damaging effects of mother nature. So you should really be looking for products that address your daily habits.

Genetics is another major influence on our skincare and is completely out of our control. Although teenage skin indeed tends to be oilier, some pubescent teenagers don’t experience just as much acne as others. This might mean that for some, their skin could look closer to a male’s which is known to be higher in oil production, than other people’s which are supposedly less.

Ignore gender labels 

Essentially, ignoring the gender labels and instead tending to what’s right for you is one of the biggest investments into skincare you can make. So our range which leads the way by skin type should help making these choices a little easier.

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