Guest Post - Discovering Mood Melts by Anya Sadler

by Sam Bull

Discovering WiDEYE 

I first discovered the Wideye brand when I went for a wander through Rye High Street on my Saturday job lunch break. It was summer, and the fresh, uplifting smells drifted down the pavement, enticing me to the entrance of the shop. Stepping inside, I enquired to a friendly member of staff about the products on offer. Wideye creates natural skin and body care products, they are passionate about leading active lifestyles, they are against animal testing, and are working towards a plastic free future.


I left the shop that day with a black pepper bath bomb and a vegan lip balm which evoked the scent of a pina colada. Wideye had opened my eyes to the harmful ingredients in many of my skincare products. So, I re-evaluated my skincare regime with one mindful intention; to go clean and natural. The brand also offers a range of products targeted at tackling different skin types, from dry to oily to combination. As a student on a tight budget, Wideye is the only brand I’ve found that makes buying into clean beauty, an affordable and transparent experience.


Mood Melts to the Rescue 

Amidst tackling work, the cold weather, and a third lockdown, I bought the mixed shower mood melts to liven up my self-care routine. Opening the package revealed eight unique Wideye products. Each melt was topped with either dried herbs or flowers, depending on the mood it would manifest. My first thought upon seeing them, was that they looked like smaller versions of their bath bombs. In fact, that is exactly how I still describe the mood melts today; they’re bath bombs for the shower!

What flavours are available?

  1. Rise and Shine
  2. Twin Peaks
  3. Green Room
  4. Hocus Pocus
  5. Aqua Karma
  6. Sleeping Beauty
  7. Beach Bum
  8. Sundown

All the shower mood melts are vegan friendly, packaging free, free of synthetic dyes and scents, and paraben free.


How do you use a shower mood melt?

First, turn on your shower, adjust it to your preferred temperature, hop in, and place the mood melt underneath the cascading water. Next, watch as the colourful bottom layer begins to fizz, as it does so, slowly rub it all over your body. This bottom layer releases the essential oils, creating an aromatherapy experience and providing gentle exfoliation. Follow this with the conditioning top layer, to lock in the moisture and scent. After rinsing, pat your body dry and breathe in the mood the shower has just melted onto your soft skin.

After trying every available flavour of the shower mood melts, here are my top three personal favourites.

  1. Rise and Shine

I used this mood melt in the shower on a Sunday morning after waking feeling groggy. When I first smelt this scent, images of zesty lemon sherbet popped into my mind and I couldn’t wait to use this little dollop of sunshine. After inhaling the blend of bergamot and grapefruit, I emerged from the warm steam of the bathroom feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Ready for my daily walk!


Rise & Shine Mood Melt

  1. Sundown

Watching the sun setting on the horizon, a salmon pink, golden-hour sky, a day well spent at Camber beach, you head home to wash off the sand tickling your toes. Sundown is a calming blend of vanilla and lemongrass. I jumped in the shower on a Monday evening, ready to unwind for the day. Using Sundown made me feel like I was showering in the last rays of a sumptuous summer. Let’s dream of those seaside holidays.


Sundown Mood Melt


  1. Hocus Pocus 

This fizzing concoction of ginger and black pepper gave me witchy vibes during my Friday shower. The bottom layer of this product melted into a swirling pink potion. With its deep exfoliation, I felt a weight lift from my shoulders and watched the stresses of my week dissolve down the drain. A truly magical start to my weekend.


Hocuse Pocus Mood Melt

While these are my current top three; each flavour brought a melted moment of joy to my lockdown days. Wideye has lifted my skincare spirits with their shower mood melts. Double layered can only mean one thing; double the goodness!

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