How We See It | The WiDEYE Relaxing Ritual Journal

by Sam Bull

We’re all about keeping things relaxed  

Keeping things calm and relaxed is at the heart of everything we do at WiDEYE, the main purpose of our products ultimately is to bring happiness and to make us all feel a bit better.

This is especially important at the moment so we’ve decided to start this little Relaxing Ritual Journal which we will be updating with new rituals over the next few weeks. This isn’t just about WiDEYE products, it’s a place for us to share all the things that are helping both our staff and our customers get through these tough times.

If you have any ideas for relaxing rituals you’d like to send us, drop us an email at and we will add it in to the journal for anyone to read when they are having a difficult day. Any sort of little thing that may be helping you could be something that helps someone else, so any ideas are welcome! 

Relaxing Rituals from Our Staff 

‘Positivity Jar’ Alessia 

We really love this idea from our Brighton store manager Allessia, the idea is  pick a jar (an old flower pot works great) and every time you do something that makes you feel happy, keep a note of it and pop it in the jar. Any sort of little thing like ringing an old friend or going for a nice walk would be something you might want to add in. The next time you have a day where things aren’t quite going to plan and it all feels a bit much, you can draw to your positivity jar for a little cheer up.

‘Getting out into nature with a purpose' Sam 

'We all know of the benefits that getting out into nature and away from the stresses of everyday life can bring. Over the last few months, something i’ve found to really beneficial is giving myself a little soothing task every time I venture down to the beach or up in to the hills. I find it's easy to get caught up in my thoughts when out in nature, so giving myself something particular to do can really help distract my thoughts from anything that's going on. Down at the beach this might be picking up any rubbish i find along the way or if in a woodland area, trying to identify different types of plants can also be highly relaxing'  

Yoga Nidra” Annabelle 

Our staff manager Annabelle says that practicing “yoga Nidra” has made it realy easy for her to bring a moment of mindfulness in to her daily routine. ‘The great thing about Yoga Nidra is how easy it is to practice, it’s one of the simplest forms of yoga so anyone can quickly give it a go, it’s all about following the voice that’s guiding you and there is no real wrong way of doing it. When you finish a long day at work, or you’ve been stuck at home on furlough practicing even just 10 minutes of this yoga technique has really helped with relaxing in to the evenings. You can check out a guide for this here.’

"Jazz and a good book" Tess

I absolutely love nothing more than putting on some soft relaxing jazz music and settling in to read a book in the evening. It really helps me unwind and digest the day I've had, giving me time to slow down and immerse myself into another world.

“Evening skincare routine” Emily

One thing I always make sure I do, is my skincare routine. I do this every morning and night. Even if I haven't worn any makeup that day. Just taking 10mins out of your day to focus purely on yourself is so needed these days.
I like to use products with a high percentage of essential oils, I find it helps calm and clear my mind. Also it tends to help me sleep a lot better.


"Using the App Headspace" Sam 

HeadSpace is an app which has lots of beginner friendly meditation sessions. I started using this app over lockdown, i've found it really helps to reduce tension levels when feeling stressed. I've found just taking 15 minutes to de-clutter my  thoughts has been a great help through lockdown.


Relaxing Rituals from our Customers 

“Soaking your feet” Laura

This is  a great idea from our lovely customer Laura, not all of us have the luxury of being able to jump into the bath, giving your feet a little dip can be a great way to feel some of the soothing effects of warm water… 

‘I’ve really found that finishing the day by giving my feet a good soak in the bath has really helped to take my mind off things, I usually add some bath salts to a little bucket of warm water and leave my feet to soak up all the minerals whilst listening to soothing music’

“Playing animal crossing” Ananthi 

Relaxing isn’t exclusive to meditation techniques or spas, it’s important to remember that if we’re feeling stressed out, for some of us having a game like animal crossing (Which is very calming)  to focus on can also greatly help. 



To submit your relaxing ritual, send as an email to and we will add it to the journal to be shared with everyone else. 

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