How We See It | Why we're Drawn to the Ocean

by Sam Bull

At WiDEYE we’ve been lucky enough to have always been based by the sea, having specifically chosen sea side locations for each store, including our production facility! There is a good reason behind this, we love the ocean! For us, having the opportunity to be able to quickly head down to the beach if we’re in need of a little release is a luxury of life we can’t go without. 

It’s also our passion for the sea that drives us to create natural skin care products that are both good for us and the planet. To have a love for the ocean, you must have a love for the planet with a conscience on how you treat it. 


The way we see it, there are many reasons we are drawn to the ocean, whether it evokes a certain memory or helps you de-stress the list goes on. 

The sound of the sea is usually the first thing you notice when you arrive at the beach, where lots of us are constantly immersed in the unruly noise and clutter of busy towns or cities, swapping out car engines for crashing waves can work a world of wonders.  

Being around the sounds of the sea gives our brains a break from all the over stimulation we get in everyday life, allowing us to shut off and forget the daily stress. It’s the simplicity of the sound of the ocean that make it so powerfully calming. 

According to the experts humans have an instinctive attraction to the colour blue and aquatic shades. Once we arrive at the beach, this attraction translates itself into to a sort of meditative state for our brains.

This is true whether we are near the sea or just taking a walk round a lake, surrounding ourselves with water instantly helps us feel at ease. Interstingly, when the human species separated from the apes we ended up settling next to rivers and by the sea, so the theory has it that it's in our DNA to naturally be the by the sea... 



We always say how we are inspired by the Sea and for good reason! 

Being by the sea calms our minds... When we are thinking up new plans for products or setting our agenda for the year, having the chance to head down to the sea and clarify our thoughts has a huge impact on the decisions we make as a business, allowing us to really focus on the things that truly matter so we can provide a product that is not only great for our customers but even better for our oceans and the planet.  

 Evidence suggests that when we are in a calm and meditative state you feel more connected to yourself and the universe, which is said to inspire us to become more compassionate. Equally, clearing all the fog from our brains allows to think with more clarity and be more creative in our thought process. 


For the next time you're near the Sea, here are a number of things you can do to become more connected with nature...

Beach or no beach, Yoga is amazing, but combining the two can be truly powerful. Find peace within yourself whilst connecting with nature... Not only will it draw you back to your evolotionary roots, breathing in the fresh sea air will help instill an added element of calmness. 

There is good reason people become so addicted to watersports. Being able to shut off away from everything and cruise around the ocean or sit amongst the swell is part of the reason people adopt dramatic lifestyle changes to live by the sea. Whilst there is always some degree of learning, you don’t have to be an expert in any of these sports to reap the benefits they can bring. 

Even on those rainy winter days, getting down to the beach for a good walk can work a world of wonders, whilst on your next walk, something we encourage anyone to do is to pick up any rubbish you see along the way - we find this actually adds another therapeutic element to your outing, as it gives us a sense of fulfilment. 

You can also get many of the same benefits the ocean gifts us by getting down to your nearest river, lake or pond. So if you are missing the ocean and live inland this is a great way to satisfy the urge. Another little exercise we’d recommend is finding a nice recording of ocean sounds to listen to whilst you are about to go to sleep or relaxing in the bathtub with your favourite WiDEYE Bath bomb. (Our Beach Bum Bath Bomb has been specifically formulated to evoke sea-side memories) 

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