How we See it | Keeping Your Skin Hydrated in Summer

by Sam Bull
As we head towards the heights of Summer, hydrated skin becomes key for overall skin health, so why should you keep it hydrated? Skin that’s tight, dry, or even flaky is often the source of breakouts, uneven texture and the early appearance of fine lines. Small changes in your skincare routine which eventually turn into daily habits can be the solution to this. Here are 4 tips from skincare specialist Annabelle to think about.
  1. Drink more water
Drinking water is the best decision you can make for your skin. Water is what clears our body from toxins and essentially keeps you skin supple. For your body to absorb water even more effectively, try having a mug of hot water. This is something commonly done in Japan, said to keep skin clear and happy. You can also swap your water for coconut water. Unlike standard water, the coconut form is full of electrolytes. Often lost through not drinking water for a long period of time, electrolytes are essential for our bodies to function properly and can help your skin to retain its water.
  1. Wear SPF
Without SPF your skin experiences free radical damage from UV rays. Over time, this will break down and weaken your skins barrier and accelerate its ageing process. This is why SPF should become a daily habit. Without it, your skin will become dry and weathered. So what can you do to help? In this instance anti-oxidants are the best option to replenish sun damage. Sea buckthorn oil is full of Omega 7 and Vitamin A; important vitamins in reducing wrinkles and boosting collagen production. Lavender oil is also a natural hydrator, so look out for products which include a small amount of it. 
  1. Moisturise.  
Moisturising consistently is the best way to deal with dry patches. For an even more cooling effect in the summer months, try mixing your moisturiser with an aloe vera gel. Its rich water content means that aloe vera plays a vital role in healing and soothing damaged skin. It also loosens the consistency of your moisturiser if you’d prefer it thinner. 
  1. Be gentle. 
Being too abrasive or consistently using a harsh exfoliate (we recommend exfoliating 1-2 times a week) can do more damage than good. It can be the cause to hyper pigmentation. Especially when your skins dry, you need to give it the best environment possible to re-pair, and being to aggressive can do the opposite. Be gentle too with the amount of product you use. Look out for and avoid products with alcohol, these can strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and itchy. 
We hope you found these tips useful, if you're suffering from any skin issues this Summer, be sure to reach out and we'll be more than happy to help! You can either email us at, pop up on our live chat or drop us a DM on Instagram! 

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