Ingredient Insight | Argan Oil, the low-down

by Sam Bull

In this Blog post we’re taking a dive into one of nature's most powerful ingredients for both skin and hair care! Most will be aware of the wonderful benefits argan oil can bring to both skin and hair… However we wanted to take a look into its origins and also how you can add it in its raw form to your skin or hair care routine! 

Where does it come from? 

The origins of our Argan Oil is Morocco, where the prized Kernels are harvested by local woman cooperatives, another reason we love using this ingredient! The main idea behind these cooperatives is to unite communities of women, allowing them to work together in a way that makes the process of farming profitable for the workers. Over the years this has resulted in increased welfare amongst women across Morocco and allowed impoverished communities to benefit from an industry which otherwise would have been inaccessible. 

Argan Oil and the Environment 

Environmentally speaking, the increased demand for Argan oil has interestingly sparked the need for a higher amount of protection  for this tree in the home land of Morocco. For the Desert and local fauna this has proved particularly beneficial, as the leaves can provide feed for animals and the roots work to help prevent degradations of the land caused by climate change. The surge in demand over the years has in turn led to the plantation of thousands more Argan trees. 

Buying the Right Argan Oil 

Before we go on to how we can use Argan Oil, we think it’s important to mention that to get the most out of this ingredient you need make sure its both organics and has had its origins verified. 

Argan Oil for Skin 

Whilst many of our products contain Argan oil, using this oil in its raw form can also be a great addition to your skin care routine. Due to the high amounts of Vitamin E, Argan oil helps to retain moisture within the skin. If you are in need of a quick hit of hydration, we’d recommend using a few drops alongside your face cream of choice.  To apply, start with your face cream, then apply a few drops of argan oil afterwards to lock in the moisture. 

For further investigation, it’s also worth mentioning how Argan oil can also help with a number of different skin conditions. 

  • Its antibacterial properties can help with skin infections 
  • Great for stretch marks during and after pregnancy 
  • Can also help with acne 

There really are endless benefits to this ingredient!

Argan Oil for Hair 

In recent years, Argan oil has stolen the show within the world of hair care. As with the application of Argan oil to our skin, the high amounts of Vitamin E work wonderfully to reduce hair damage from free radicals. Our hair is exposed to all sorts of damaging chemicals throughout the day, air pollution being one of the main culprits. By adding Argan oil in to your routine you can drastically reduce this damage and pave the way to healthier hair. 

Generally speaking, Argan oil is great for making your hair more manageable and softer. If you are using it as a standalone oil, our Brighton Store Manager Alessia recommends the following:

‘Add a few drops to your hair after showering, leave to nourish day and night as a leave in conditioner'

As opposed to many serums, Argan oil actually works its way into the hair strands, giving the hair a really thorough nourishing hit. An added benefit is also how it can help reduce inflammation on the scalp due to the rich amounts of antioxidants within the oil. This in turn can help reduce Dandruff for example. All in all we absolutely love Argan oil and would recommend it for anyone to have a go with! 

If you aren’t quite ready to introduce Argan oil in its raw form to your routine, we have added this magical ingredient into a number of different products. You can check them all our here!


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