Ingredient Insight | Why go for a natural face cream?

by Annabelle Tatner

As we move into winter, keeping our skin well moisturized becomes ever more important as indoor heating systems paired with extremely cold outside conditions can really dry the skin out. So with this in mind, making sure you have the right face cream as part of your routine couldn’t be more important. 

In this week's blog post, our skin care specialist annabelle firstly walks us through the ingredients we choose to leave out of our face creams and secondly which skin type each of our face creams are suited to. You may be considering switching to a more natural face cream, or know someone that is suffering from dry skin as we move into winter, either way this article is a good starting point for anyone interested in natural face creams! On to Annabelle… 

Here at WiDEYE we believe the best way to get the most of a face cream  is by not adding synthetics which can compromise the effectiveness and absorption of all the  ingredients which benefit our skin. So to start things off, here are some of the key damaging ingredients we leave out of our face creams. 


They give the product slip and slide to make it glide over the skin, but often this silicone doesn’t absorb and just blocks the pores. Therefore any important ingredients might not get to where they are needed. Our smooth buttery bases just need a little warmth from the skin when applied to then be spread evenly over the face.


They make good preservatives, but once they have entered the skin they can stay there for much longer than you’d want them too. A build up in the facial tissues means that you are building toxins in the skin and can lead to making it appear more dull. We just don’t use them! We package the creams carefully to  ensure no contamination and we clearly label the creams so that you know how long the cream will last once opened (which is 6 months).

Synthetic fragrances or colours 

They can give the product appeal if the cream was perhaps not smelling very nice or had a dull colour to it. We believe that if the element your adding doesn’t have a purpose you probably won’t want it in your face cream. Luckily for us, our natural essential oils chosen for the active properties, smell fantastic!

Which one should I use for my skin?

Here is a guide on our range face creams, with some information on the ingredients that make each one great for particular skin types. 

Rehab For Normal or Dull Skin

This face cream  is full of skin brightening Vitamin C, for those who are perhaps exposed to the outdoors a lot or skin perhaps needs a little brightening. Vitamin C is also great for strengthening capillaries walls, so skin with a tendency to suffer with broken capillaries will find this beneficial for reducing the damage earlier on.


Rehydrating Dry or Dehydrated Skin

The sea buckthorn in this cream makes it super repairing for dry and dehydrated skin. It’s richer formula gives the skin a big hit of hydration to avoid it looking tight and preventing flaking.

Skin fuel Mature Skin  

This face cream  has been created with marine collagen, to add that loss of collagen protein to ageing skin. The rich formula also ensures a good nourishing base, to keep the skin looking firm and plump.

Balancing Combination Skin 

if your skin can’t make up its mind between dry or oily or you get regular small breakouts, the geranium in this cream is key for evening out skin oil content and texture. With geranium being an astringent it helps to temporarily contract the pores in turn helping to reduce wrinkles. 

Skin management Oily or Problematic Skin

This cream has been formulated with frankincense to strengthen your skin's defence against blemishes and bacteria. Therefore this cream is perfect for skin suffering with problematic excess oil production and large outbreaks of spots.

Naked Sensitive or Red Skin 

Our most gentle formula of cream created for those with sensitive skin. The cucumber and aloe base of this cream means it’s great for soothing and calming redness whilst also offering a great protection barrier. 

We hope you found this overview of our face creams useful, remember if you need some one-to-one advice you can book a skin care consultation in with me here!

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