Announcement: Keeping our prices fair & how you can save

by Sam Bull

Being open and honest about how we do things is at the heart of WiDEYE, from the ingredients we put into our products to the conversations we have with our suppliers, customers & staff. 

Fair prices have also been high on the agenda since day one, where we believe you should only be paying for the quality of the ingredients that make up our products. In the last seven years, we’re proud to say that we’ve managed to keep our prices more or less the same, to ensure they can be enjoyed by everyone & anyone.

All the products you see on our shelves or online contain high-quality natural ingredients that we haven’t played around with, so you’re only paying for what you see on our labels. Unfortunately, over the last few months, the cost of some of these ingredients has gone way beyond anything we ever expected so you might see some of your favourite products go up in price. 

What we’re not doing
We know everyone is having to tighten up at the moment, so we won’t be using the occasion to hike up the prices unfairly across our entire range. 

What we are doing
Where products contain certain ingredients (such as vegetable oil which has risen by 30%) we’ll be making price increases in line with how much the cost of the ingredient has gone up, to ensure we can carry on supplying all our incredible customers with amazing products that only contain sustainably sourced, high-quality natural ingredients.

How you can save
Whilst some prices will go up, there are a few ways you can save money every time you shop with us online or in-store. 

Loyalty points - Create an account and start saving, our customers save an average of £30 per year. 

Refer a friend - You & a friend can both receive £5 off your next order. 

Sign up to our newsletter - New sign-ups receive 10% off, plus we occasionally send out great offers! 

Bottle returns - Live near a store? Bring back your empties and save 50p for every item returned. Take a look at what you can bring back here!

Become a WiDEYE  Visionaire - A Visionaire is our way of saying Ambassador! If you’re a super-fan, share our passion for being immersed in nature, create amazing content & have a community who would love our products, get in touch. 

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