Eye Opener | Viktoria's Morning routine for combination skin

by Viktoria Filipova

Hello everyone reading, this is Viktoria from Wideye Bournemouth sharing with you a simple daily face routine in only 5 quick steps to help you find your inner glow! Whether you are a returning customer or entirely new to Wideye’s beautiful range of products, I am sure you will find the following few steps easy to integrate into your morning skincare, leading to pleasing and long-lasting results.

In today’s spotlight, we will explore a very indecisive skin type defined by simultaneously dry and oily zones, also called combinational skin. If you can relate to this description, don’t worry – Wideye is here to help!



Our skin types are the result of many factors like our genetics, hormones and age, and they can easily be negatively influenced by unhealthy lifestyle, diet, stress, and of course, improper hygiene. All of those are codependent, therefore it is important to note that seeking balance in our life brings balance to our bodies and minds as well!

Without further ado, this is the daily 5-step face routine, perfect for combination type skin:

Morning Face Routine

I. Balancing Facewash

As you will find out, our wonderful balancing range of products cater most to this specific skin type. What’s a better way to start the day, than with our Aloe, Geranium, and Lavender based Facewash! This formula is designed to heal, hydrate and disinfect Combination skin types, while helping it to maintain its regularity and health. Simply wet your face, neck and hands, then apply your Facewash with circular motions for a deeper cleanse. Once the product has foamed up and sunken into your skin, gently wash your face and neck with water.

II. Balancing Toner

After using our Facewash, your skin will feel revived – a perfect condition for our floral- Rose Water Toner to step in, removing any leftover oily residues and further balancing the skin’s PH. Our Balancing Toner is alcohol-free and perfect for reddened, dry, and damaged skin that needs a lot of love and nourishing. Spray your toner onto your face from a distance and wait a couple seconds for the product to settle down, gently dabbing with a reusable cotton wool pad.


III. Eye Gel

To avoid dark circles and puffiness, use our Bright Eye Gel, whose antioxidants and naturally inflammatory qualities reduce puffiness and calm the sensitive zones around the eyes. Gently apply a thin layer to the eye socket area of the eye area. Massage the product in by tapping over the eyelids and under the eyes to avoid breaking capillaries in those sensitive areas.

*You can even keep your Bright Eye Gel in the fridge for an extra cooling effect!*


IV. Balancing Face Cream

A few more minutes in front of the mirror can make such a difference for our self-love and skin health: applying just one layer of our Balancing Face Cream naturally balances both oily and dry zones, therefore making double the difference! The wonderful Camelia seed oil, which is rich in antioxidants, combines with Geranium and Vitamin E to protect your face from hormonal and temperature changes, making it a perfect companion to combinational skin!
The cream can be used in the morning and reapplied before bed by smoothing it across the skin until it is fully absorbed.

V. Sun Cream

 Believe me when I say you should never leave your house without your sun cream! Proven by skin experts to reduce the risk of skin cancer, sun cream is an essential in any daily skin routine. It is also very important not to miss any spots and to apply generously over the eyebrows, top of the ears and even the eyelids – all the zones that are exposed to sunlight daily.

We are currently developing our own synthetic-free formula and planning on sharing it with you by next year! Getting into the habit of reading labels and being aware of what we put on our skin is the perfect first step for building a healthy relationship with ourselves and improving on our lives.

On this note, Wideye’s wonderful products are all natural, meaning that we stay true to their natural form, SLS-free and synthetic fragrance-free, thus avoiding harm on our body and environment. You can explore more about our ethos and sustainable choices on our website, or pop in-store to ask one of our experienced members of staff any questions you may have!

We are happy to welcome you to ‘open your eyes to the power of nature’, which is our motto! I hope you enjoyed reading through this blog and felt inspired to try this routine. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, as we love hearing what our customers think!

PS: Stay tuned for our Nightly Combination Skincare Routine. Coming Soon!

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