Routine | Alleviate the mind, de-stress and relax.

by Tess Wood

Relaxing can be hard when we have all the stresses of our everyday lives . The past few months have made it challenging to unwind so here are some of my tips to help alleviate the mind, de-stress and relax at home after a long day using some of my favourite products. 

Step 1: While in the shower or bath, grab a Sundown mood melt, this contains lemongrass which has highly relaxing properties. After applying water, let it foam up. Gently apply this all over your body, exfoliating and moisturising as you go along. Really taking in the scent of the mood melt and how your skin feels after it is used. 

Step 2: Once out of the bath or shower, grab yourself your favourite WiDEYE mood roller, mine is Aqua Karma!  It's packed full of patchouli essential oil to help calm the mind and Lime to lift any mood! Apply this to pulse points around the body. It’s important for you to be able to really smell the essential oils.

Step 3: Next light a Soy wax WiDEYE candle, filling the room with a gentle relaxing fragrance. Now with your eyes open or closed, take a deep breath, in slowly through the nose and out slowly through the mouth. Do this a few times, allowing each breath to slow your heart rate and rid yourself of any stress or worries, picking up on the notes of the essential oils from the mood roller and candle. Do this for a few minutes until you feel yourself start to relax.

Step 4: Now it’s time to do some light stretching! This relieves any existing tension and brings oxygen to the muscles. Start with moving your neck slowly from side to side, then taking your arms and stretching them gently above your head straight into the air for a few seconds, and lastly stretching out your legs nice and long all the way to your toes! All the while breathing in and out slowly, taking in all the scents around you. Always take time for yourself and repeat these steps when you feel yourself getting stressed or frustrated. Unwind, make a cup of tea and remember to breathe!

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