How we See It | Sparkle Responsibly!

by Alessia Mancini

alessWith Brighton pride being postposed this year, there is no reason you can't carry on the celebrations at home! You may also want to add a bit of sparkle to your celebrations.  This being said, our Brighton store manager Allesia has a few words to say about glitter, and how you can use it dazzle up this pride. 

Who knew something so pretty could be so evil? Although glitter may look beautiful and sparkly, unfortunately, most of it contains micro-plastics which can cause extensive damage to the environment.  Once discarded, plastic glitter remains in the environment for thousands of years without degrading and pollutes our soil and water. Eventually ending up in the ocean putting marine wildlife under serious threat.

These micro-plastics are consumed by plankton, fish, and birds, causing them serious health issues due to the build-up in their systems. On top of this, as many will have heard,  microplastics are a growing concern for our wellbeing, as research heavily suggests that these micro-plastics can make there way up the food chain, into our diets. Baring all of this in mind, there is now much a smarter way to sparkle without contaminating! 

Eco-friendly biodegradable glitter is a safer, non-toxic alternative. It tends to be made from cellulose film derived from sustainable eucalyptus trees and is vegan-friendly. It breaks down in water or soil quickly. Mica is also a glittering alternative. Mica is a naturally occurring mineral that shimmers, We love it here at Wideye and use it in some of our products to add a bit of dazzle.

So Sparkle smartly this pride, for that body beautiful bling we have got you covered with one of our customer favorites, check out our stunning shimmer body oils, with natural mica embedded within their super nourishing base oils. Choose from either glistening gold with a refreshing blend of vanilla and lemongrass essential oils, or our bedazzling bronze shimmer oil with the soft floral scent of Lavender, Rosemary, and ylang-ylang. Both will give your skin an instant glow and shimmer, while rich in vitamins leaving your skin intensely moisturized and sparkly. 



For those of you that want to add a little bling and jazz up those beards, we have a little eco-friendly beauty hack for you!

 For this beauty hack, we are using one of our four natural beard oils and giving it a little sparkle upgrade this Pride. Our Early bird, Twenty 4/7,  After Hours, and 5 O’Clock Shadow beard oils all have the same deeply nourishing and softening base of Brazil nut, hemp, and jojoba oils. Then each beard oil has its own added essential oils, for not only scent but also beneficial purpose, leaving the beard soft, nourished and reducing that frizz, making your beard look slick and tame. check our beard oils out  


All you need for this little hack is some beard oil and some eco-friendly biodegradable glitter. Our beard oils have a handy pipette, dispense a few drops onto the palm of your hand and add some glitter. 



Mix together, and then apply.



I hope you enjoyed this week's little tip, and remember to sparkle responsibly! :D 

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