Tips from the Team | Tess' guide to going waste-free with Wideye

by Lawrence Bull

Welcome to your guide to going packaging-free with WiDEYE! With the way the world is at the minute and the massive impact waste is having on the planet, more and more people are looking into more sustainable lifestyle options and one of those is making the change to use products that do not require any packaging. Whether you are looking at making the switch to go plastic-free, reducing waste in general or you simply just love our packaging-free products, this guide is for you! Come with me as we journey through are handmade packaging-free products!


Soap bar

Swap til’ you drop! Soap bars are super versatile and can be used to replace several packaged products you use to cleanse with. They are such an easy switch when you are looking to reduce your footprint even just a tiny bit and with WiDEYE you're spoilt for choice! There are so many incredible options, you honestly can't buy just one. These handmade bars of soap come in several ranges; including Naked bars not containing essential oils, if your skin is on the sensitive side, Butter Soap which contains a base of natural Shea and Cocoa butter to gently moisturise and maintain the skin, Nutrition soap packed full of Omega 3 fatty acids that help maintain a moisture balance and Mineral soaps which contain all the plant's botanical goodness and natural minerals, giving your skin the treat it deserves.


Sisal Bag

 This is my favorite WiDEYE accessory. Grab your favorite piece of handmade WiDEYE soap and pop it into your sisal soap bag, get it wet and lather it up! Apply gently to the skin for a cleanse and exfoliation. The sisal bag is made from the fibers of the agave sisal plant and is completely biodegradable, which makes for an excellent switch out of any packaged exfoliant. Your skin feels incredibly buffed and soft afterwards, leaving you ready for a body lotion or butter to start your day right. I am a huge fan and definitely recommend the “soap and sisal bag” combo!



Bath bombs

We all need a pick-me-up from time to time and WiDEYE bath bombs do just that. Not only are they free of any synthetic colors or dyes, they fizz out quickly releasing pure essential oils and natural ingredients like sea kelp and Lemongrass,to benefit you and create a memorable bath time experience! With over thirteen options to choose from, you can’t go wrong finding one you love.


Shampoo soft bars


So what is a soft bar? This shampoo is a great way to transition out of using any excess packaging. They are compact and easy to just pop in a pocket or pouch to take with you. They contain beautiful ingredients like kaolin clay to help strengthen the hair and cider vinegar to help strip away dirt and build-up to create brilliant shine without the use of SLS. I absolutely love taking these camping or to the gym with me, they also make a fantastic gift for anyone looking to transition out of single-use plastics. There are six to choose from, all specifically made to suit your personal shampoo needs.


 Butter cups



 These are an easy way to moisturise the skin without any fuss. They contain the same base as a bath bomb which lets it fizz out but the main beneficial ingredients in these are the cocoa and shea butter mix that slowly melts in the water, nourishing your skin. You simply peel the paper off, pop it in the bathtub and away you go! These contain beautiful essential oils and raw ingredients like lavender, rose, lime and more!


 Clay Spa melts

Are you needing a packaging-free detox? These beautiful melts pack a punch when it comes to taking care of your well being. Each one contains a different kind of clay base that helps to detoxify and soothe the body. Pop it in the bath and watch as it gently starts to fizz and dissolve! Leaving your skin soft and smooth, with Shea and Cocoa butter to help moisturise, you can’t go wrong!


 Shower Mood melts


Your Waste-free rainbow awaits! Shower mood melts are comforting and soothing, leaving your skin feeling softer than ever before. Get it wet, let it fizz and foam, then gently apply to the skin. This all in one shower melt gently exfoliates with sodium bicarbonate and softens skin with oils and butter, while you use it. Releasing a special blend of essential oils to make any shower an aromatherapy dream. There are eight to choose from, all containing different ingredients and scents.


 Shower clay spa melts


These cute clay-based shower melts work similarly to the mood melts, they are an all in one luxurious detox. With a base of sodium bicarbonate they foam and fizz into a creamy lather when wet, when applied to the skin they gently buff and soften. They contain clays like kaolin, pink clay, green clay, and charcoal to name a few, mixed with essential oils to strip away impurities and regenerate the skin! I absolutely adore these when I need a head-to-toe cleanse.


Sugar scrub


Loving these packaging free sugar scrubs is easy! With a base of natural sugar, Cocoa and Shea Butter, these are a great way to exfoliate and moisturise at the same time without the use of microbeads and packaging. To use, simply get wet in the shower or bath and apply to damp skin in brisk circular motions focusing on areas that are particularly dry. These beautiful essential oil scented hearts will last two or three uses, giving you the pampering you so rightly deserve!


Salt scrub


 These scrubs are also a great packaging free option. This moisturizing exfoliation has coarse salt as a base, this makes it a bit more intense of an exfoliant, really buffing off dry dead skin and buildup, leaving you feeling soft and scrubbed. These bars are missed with blends of essential oils to match some of our signature scents throughout the shop. Just get wet and apply to damp skin, working it in brisk circular motions focusing on areas that are particularly dry. Don’t hesitate, exfoliate! 


I hope you have enjoyed my little guide to help you get a better idea of what our packaging-free options are and you can continue to make the switch, easier and more effectively based on your needs!




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