Tips from the Team | Changing seasons, A look at our Rehab Range with Annabelle

by Annabelle Tatner

As the season’s change, so too will your skincare needs. In my skincare advice role with WiDEYE, I’m finding I’m recommending more of the rehab range to our clients throughout autumn and the summer months. Especially as more of us find ourselves working from home, we are spending more time outdoors and exposed to the elements. That’s why our Rehab skincare range is awesome for restoring skin and giving it a brightening boost. The whole range has a higher vitamin content, so full of antioxidants. These antioxidants can help combat the free radical damage responsible for making the skin look dull and for the visible signs of aging!

Following our ethos of making cleaner, greener products, we use Vitamins sourced from fruit extracts. This range is particularly high in Vitamin C, as it’s one of the most powerful of the antioxidants. This particular ingredient can help improve the skin’s resilience to free radical damage, helping it to feel firmer and look more radiant. 


Why might you need a bit or rehab? 

If you live by the coast as we do, the salty air can take its toll, this combined with a long summer of sun exposure, this all amounts to the need for some vitamin boosting.  

Interestingly, overindulging with food and alcohol can also up the amount of free radical damage. So whilst we would advise cutting back first to improve your skin, adding products high in vitamins into your routines can also help.  

Also really beneficial to those who may suffer from uneven pigment in the skin with conditions such as Melasma. 

The more vitamins you can get into your skin, the better. So using some or all of the range will give your skin some benefit.  

Let me talk you through the whole range and how to use it;  

Rehab Cleansing Balm - great for those wearing a longer-lasting makeup. Melts into the skin and will remove even the most stubborn makeup.


Rehab Cleanser - A light lotion for gentle cleansing and removing lighter, mineral makeups. Easy to remove and smells super fresh.

Rehab Face Wash - for those with little time or who live in the city. The only product of the range with Wakame Seaweed as a refreshing antioxidant, that helps to really detoxify the skin. 


Rehab Toner - Grapefruit gives this toner its citrus oil. Can be used straight onto the skin, but my personal preference is to spray a little onto damp cotton pads or reusable makeup pads and gently wipe over the skin to remove any excess cleanser or water residue from cleansing. 


Rehab Exfoliant - this product is for a once a week treat. The gentle rice bran will smooth and remove dead skin cells as the creamy formula provides the Vitamin c fix.

Rehab Face Mask - again, another once a week treatment. The mix of papaya enzymes and yellow clay with the vitamins in this product gives the skin a brightening boost.

Rehab Face Cream - A light and easily absorbed face cream. No silicone formula to ensure a natural easily absorbed cream. 

Rehab Face Oil - as a concentrated boost. The most powerful of the range. 2 drops can be added to a face cream if the skin is a little dry or sun-damaged. Or just 2-3 drops onto clean skin at night for an overnight vitamin skin feast. 

Here’s to a brighter, smoother skin as we go into winter. Annabelle - Rye Store 

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