Tips from the Team | Spice Up Your Work Space!

by Sam Bull

A WiDEYE guide to spicing up your workspace...

As the work from home saga continues and making your home your workspace  becomes the norm, staying motivated and getting the most out of your day can bring its challenges. If you are like me, where you enjoy the social aspect of heading into the office, but also find the change of environment hugely  helps with your productivity, finding ways to make your working from home experience that little bit better can work a world of wonders! 

There is plenty of information to suggest that  the place in which we work has a huge impact on how easy we find it to get through the day, so with a little bit of a WiDEYE twist, here are some suggestions on how you can improve your working from home experience. 

Setting out your space 

Before we delve into any WiDEYE natural goodies to help improve the workspace, it’s firstly important to make sure the space itself ticks all the boxes.

Balance the brightness - Getting as much natural light into your workspace is one of the best things you can do, if possible i’d recommend having a little play with your desk location, you might find moving it to a different point in the room will give you that little bit of extra light you need. 

Clear the clutter  - Whilst your desk may be nice and tidy, having clutter in the background has been shown to draw attention away from where you are focusing, so it’s key to maintain organisation throughout your entire room!

House plants! - There is evidence to show that bringing plants into the work space can have a positive impact on general wellness. A favourite of mine is Cacti for its easy maintenance. Coffee plants are also a great house plant, with just a little bit of light  and some regular watering, these make a wonderful addition to the desk. (unfortunately these won’t substitute the shop bought stuff, but look great!) 

Now on to some WiDEYE wellness tips… 

Scents for the work space

The aromas of pure essential oils are known to bring a whole host of different benefits, depending on what sort of mood you are looking for, here my three top suggestions on scents to look out for when picking your workspace saviour… 

De-stress and Relax - Aqua Karma - This is our star prize essential oil blend… subtle tones of Bergamot, Patchouli and Lime work amazingly well to induce feelings of relaxation in turn helping with stress whilst working. Instantly recognizable, this scent is our most popular across the range…

Focus and Mental Clarity - Hocus Pocus - Not for the faint hearted, this is an invigorating blend of Ginger, Clary sage, Black pepper and Rosemary. Fantastic for fostering focus. Reinstate that 9am post-coffee productivity. 

Restore and Refresh - Twin Peaks - Nested in nature… a blend of lavender and geranium, this soothing combination aims to transport you back to mountains and into the wild, a perfect scent when you need to take a step back regain some perspective.

A few products to look out for… 


These are by far my favourite desk side addition, set your diffuser up and allow the soothing scents to subtly fill your room… Where we use 100% pure essential oils in our diffusers, not only do you get a wonderful scent, but the aromatherapeutic benefits bring that element of mindfulness to help you relax and focus! 



Room Mist 

If you're looking for a sudden burst of essential oil goodness, a room mist will be your work from home best friend! Anytime you need to take five, give your space a  good spritz with your flavour of choice and boost the vibe. 


Room Spray

Mood Oils 

A pure essential oil pocket rocket of goodness, I recommend keeping one of our mood rollers close by and gently applying to pulse points when you're feeling the pressure. Top tip, match your Mood Oil with your favourite bath bomb, so you can bring back those feelings of relaxation from last night's bath time treat… 


Hand Cream 

This one is essential if you have central heating, hands can become really dry as we spend more and more time indoors, having a soothing natural cream at hand, not only makes us feel great, but also helps keep our hands feeling healthy… 


That’s it for our guide on how to spice up your work space! We hope you can find some inspiration from this article, if you have any other ideas on things you’ve done to switch things up on your desk or if you’ve found any particular WiDEYE products help, we’d love you to let us know in the comments!

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