Tips From The Team | Emily's Summer Care Guide

by Emily Chambers

Summer self care guide 

With Summer in full swing there it’s time to get some skin out! As us Brits don’t often get to see the sunshine much and we’ve been kept in all this time, our bodies and minds may feel and look a little different.  I’ve been a therapist for many years now, so it is my job to help make people look and feel amazing. Which is why I wanted to put together some tips and tricks to make you feel your absolute best this summer alongside some of my favorite recommendations!

Exfoliating, the key to glowing skin!

A secret tip to make your skin glowy and gorgeous is exfoliating regularly. By exfoliating we remove dull/dead skin cells. Leaving room for the new fresh skin to come through.

Some products I highly recommend are:

Beach bum Salt Scrub 

Moisturise, moisturise, and moisturise some more..

Another trick for keeping our bodies looking happy and healthy is moisturising our bodies  a few times a week. In the summertime we tend to lose a lot more moisture because of the increase in temperature, which is why it’s important to keep our skin hydrated. Also don’t forget to get your two and a half litres of drinking water each day. (Key to keeping your skin hydrated) Some of my favourite moisturizers from our range...

Take some time out for yourself

Here at WiDEYE we are passionate about a healthy active lifestyle but sometimes this can take a toll on the body. Summer time is a busy time of year anyway and often we are constantly on the go without thinking. Life can be overwhelming.. Occasionally we need to slow down, take time out for ourselves to look after our mind and bodies.

A bit of meditation can go a long way, as can making use of essential oils throughout your downtime. A few essential oils I recommend to help you relax are: 


Remember all oils can be used in many different ways... Mixed with carrier oils and applied to pulse point,  in your diffuser or oil burner or directly added to your bath. (Some essential oils can even be added to your face creams for extra nourishment) 


A final thing worth mentioning before i leave you, is the importance of applying a high quality SPF over the summer months, whilst this isn't something we offer at WiDEYE it's important you get your hands on something effective that will protect your skin from the sun. if you are spending a-lot of time outdoors, i'd suggest checking out our Rehab Range, this is full of Vitamin C, an essential nutrient to keep your skin healthy when exposed to elements! 

I hope I’ve inspired you to get your summer glow on!

Much love, Emily Rye Store Manager 

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