Tips From The Team | Exfoliating by Skin Type

by Annabelle Tatner

Last week we talked about what we have to offer within our range exfoliates and what each of our products aim to achieve! So this week we asked our skin therapist Annabelle to take a deeper dive into how you can address your specific skin needs with exfoliation! On to Annabelle… 

Exfoliating has a huge range of benefits to help keep your skin looking bright and clear. Choosing the best one for your skin type and needs is also essential. This type of treatment should be used 1-2 times a week within your skin care regime. Not only will regular use prevent a buildup of dead skin cells, it will also allow better absorption of your other skin care products. 


For My Face

For congested/oily skin I would suggest the rehab face mask! (£12.95 for 100ml) Although it doesn't have any smoothing particles, the natural papaya enzymes will gently digest impurities and leave the skin refreshed and smooth without over stimulating an oily skin.

For combination/dull skin Rehab facial exfoliant (£10.95 for 100ml) This citrus rich exfoliant uses the power of Vitamin C along with rice bran to gently exfoliate and brighten. 

For mature skin with heavier lines or scarred skins  Skin fuel facial exfoliant (£10.95P for 100ml). This grainier cream uses Rice bran and Bamboo to smooth out the surface of the skin. Our strongest exfoliant to achieve a softer more refined skin surface. 

For mature skin Skin fuel exfoliating face wash (£16.95p 150ml) This face wash has the added benefit of natural pumice to smooth the skin while marine Collagen helps to plump. This face wash can be used daily iof irritation doesn't occur. 

For sensitive skin Naked facial exfoliant (£10.95p for 100ml) . As with all products in the naked range we have left out even the essential oils, to make a facial exfoliant that is suitable for skins that react to essential oils.  

Application Methods for My Face 

Facial exfoliants - apply a thin layer to clean, cleansed skin. Using your fingertips, massage with light but brisk motions all over for around five minutes. Avoid the sensitive eye and neck area. Remove really well, we find using one of our facial sponges is the best way of removing all grains!

Facial masks - apply a thin layer to freshly cleansed skin. Leave for 5-10 minutes. If the product dries re-wet with a hot muslin cloth and ensures all product is removed.

For My Body 

Regular exfoliation for dry skin  - Our range of sugar scrubs (£3.95 each) are an easy way to keep body skin smooth. They use coarse sugar to smooth while the cocoa butter getly melts to moisturise at the same time!

For dull skin - The salt scrubs (£8.95p each) are a great way of brightening the skin. Our Shark Pool flavourl is also particularly good for detoxifying. The salt in these scrubs contain many minerals that also replenish the skin and leave the skin feeling really smooth.

Regular buffing - The range of Body Exfoliants (£12.95 for 200g) are great for really smoothing the skin and can help reduce those pesky ingrown hairs with regular use. They are available in our three most popular fragrances of After Dark, Aqua karma and Beach Bum. 

Cellulite - Our coconut bristle Body Brush (£12.95 each) can be used on dry skin in areas of the body with uneven  skin tone and cellulite. Using brisk circular movements on these areas regularly can help break down toxins and fatty deposits in the skin.  

We hope you enjoyed  reading these tips from Annabelle, we always stress the importance of picking the right treatment for your skin type at WiDEYE, it’s not always the most expensive product that is going to yield the best results! Exfoliating is no exception, if you are a bit unsure on what’s best for your skin type then please feel free to get in touch or book a free consultation with Annabelle! 

Ingredients we DON'T use in our exfoliants -in line with EU regulations we never use micro plastics and only use natural grains of sugar, salt, rice bran, poppy seeds or bamboo.

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