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by Alessia Mancini
Get the WiDEYE Brighton experience! We asked Alessia to come up with a few of her go-to in store suggestions… If you are looking to try a few bits from our range, but are unsure of what takes your fancy, read ahead! 


When I was asked to pick just a few of my favourite stand out products I can honestly say I struggled... that is at picking only a few! I had to behave and scale it right back, it’s like being asked to pick your favourite film.. but here it goes!


The Twin peaks range

Ok so I am cheating a little here as this covers an extensive range of products from a room spray, home diffuser, body lotion, mood oil, shower gel and more but I adore this range. Twin peaks is one of our signature blends, with refreshing herbal Lavender and Geranium. It smells like being in a beautiful forest in summer. The blend is so calming, grounding and refreshing. An assured way to lift your mood and restore a sense of well being.

Test our the range through our Twin Peaks Little box of Happiness... 



Ommm Bath and Body Oil

If I could cover myself from head to toe with this and tranquilly float around, I would. I adore this. It is my little bottle of peace. I love letting customers feel and smell this and it’s always the same wonderful reaction when they smell it and exhale with the “ oohhhh” of relaxation. Made with a blend of rejuvenating and restorative Jojoba and sweet almond oil. Combined with the warming, powerful and grounding woody scents of Frankincense, Sandalwood, Lavender.

It is so versatile, used to massage directly onto the body, or a few drops can be added to the bath for an ultimate switch off and tune in with your mind, body and soul experience. I also love to use it after a shower, I add a few drops to my hands and cup them together over my nose and take a few deep breaths, then apply massaging it on my upper body, I find it also helps to calm my mind before bed.

Take a look at our Ommm Bath & Body oil here!  Or you can explore the rest of our range here… 



Rosehip Seed Nutrition Soap

One of my shower staples, our Rosehip soap! It’s cold pressed, a traditional method meaning we make it from scratch with tender loving care and packed full of goodness. 

Made using natural, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients, leaving out any harmful nasties like SLS! It leaves the skin nourished without upsetting its natural moisture barrier. 

Rosehip seed oil known also as Rosa Mosqueta or Rosa Canina is no doubt one of my favourite ingredients, packed full of super rich essential fatty acids, Vit A and E. It is lightweight but yet has the ability to lock moisture in and keeps irritants out. It is highly regenerative ,anti-inflammatory, rich in hydration and has collagen boosting properties. Meaning it has anti - ageing properties as well! It also contains l Lavender, Petitgrain and crushed Rosehip for gentle exfoliation. Leaving the skin feeling clean, soft, supple and smelling wonderful.

Check this wonderful soap out here!


Dead sea mud melt

When it comes to these I can honestly say that size is not everything, do not let the size fool you, these pack a punch! The Dead Sea melt is my weekly go to . Made with Dead Sea mud that is rich in salts and minerals for the ultimate detox and grounding earthy scents of Cedarwood, vetiver for deep mindful relaxation. With added calendula this is also perfect for dry eczema prone skin.The clay melts are all blended using moisturising Cocoa Butter and Shea butter base so believe when I say your skin is extremely happy afterwards.

Get your skin saving melt here...


Feel free to drop by, we will help you find your WiDEYE favourites! Much love from Brighton!


Alessia - WiDEYE Brighton Store Manager

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