Tips From The Team | Summer Picks from Tess at WiDEYE Bournmouth

by Tess Wood

Summer Top Picks

Summer Is at its peak here at Bournemouth beach and the sun is shining bright! With so many amazing activities and seven miles of stunning coastline it’s easy to get swept away with all Dorset has to offer. So for me it’s good to have natural products ready on the go just in case the sun and waves get out of hand! 


Naked Aloe

A natural cooling staple for relief from the sun. Having this in your beach bag is a must to help protect and restore the skin from any sunburn as it’s anti-inflammatory and even provides hydration for sensitive skin. Containing loads of Vitamin C and E to help fight ageing and boost skin's appearance. I absolutely love keeping my Aloe in the fridge to feel refreshed after a long summer's day. You can grab one *here to help soothe your worries.


Beach Bum Solid Lotion

After some time in the sun our skin can start to feel dry and uncomfortable. So it’s important to keep it hydrated as best we can in between. The Beach Bum Solid lotion is fantastic for this with its compostable packaging and easy to apply, non-greasy formula. Packed full with mango butter to moisturise and watermelon seed oil to sink deep into the skin to help with elasticity, keeping any skin type soft and dewy. It’s my absolute go-to lotion! Click *here for a look at this and our other solid lotions. 


Hemp and comfrey soap

Believe it or not one of my favourite summer picks is simply a soap, but not just any bar of soap; our handmade Hemp and Comfrey Bar is always at the top of my list. It’s incredibly gentle, great for sensitive skin and the hemp oil is perfect for moisturizing without clogging your skin's pores so no irritation occurs. The soap also contains comfrey which is soothing to the skin, especially after a sun or wind burn occurs as it’s healing properties keep the skin from becoming cracked and sore. With the added benefit of a Cocoa and Shea butter base for a moisturising wash you can’t go wrong. You can grab one *here.


Sun and Wind Repair

The sun is not our only thing to worry about outdoors as wind can also create sore, dry skin and cause irritation. In this case it’s good to have something that can ease discomfort. Our Sun and Wind balm is made just for this, with Sea Buckthorn to hydrate dry, damaged skin and rich in Omega oils to protect the skin with a natural SPF of 5. For the face and body locking in moisture, you can be prepared for any occasion. Have a look at our balm *here. 


Bug repellent

I don’t think this product needs much introduction! Insects of all kinds come out to pay during the summer nights and some leave us itchy and Unfortunately most commercial bug repellents contain harmful chemicals that absorb into our bodies, but here at WiDEYE we created a safe natural replacement. Our bug repellents are made with citronella, lemongrass, eucalyptus and neam oil which insects hate the scent of! You also have loads of choice with four to choose from, a spray, balm and roll on and candle which you can find here. Keeping you bug free and ready for any summer BBQ. 

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