Aqua Karma

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    Aqua Karma Bath Bomb
    Aqua Karma Butter Soap
    Natural vegan skincare 'Aqua Karma' buttercup bath melt. Handmade in Rye with Patchouli, Bergamot and Lime essential oils by WiDEYE.
    Aqua Karma Butter Cup
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    Aqua Karma Mood Melt
    Natural vegan skincare Bergamot and Genevieve deodorant in recyclable cardboard container handmade by WiDEYE in Rye.
    Aqua Karma Deodorant
    Aqua Karma Room Mist
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    Aqua Karma Salt Scrub
    Natural vegan skincare 'Aqua Karma' sugar scrub body exfoliate handmade in Rye with Patchouli, Lime and Bergamot by WiDEYE.
    Aqua Karma Sugar Scrub
    Natural Vegan skincare 'Aqua Karma' Patchouli, Bergamot and Lime body lotion in recyclable pot by WiDEYE with essential oils
    Aqua Karma Body Lotion
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    Natural aromatherapy essential oil 'Aqua Karma' patchouli, lime and bergamot air freshener for your car or home by WiDEYE
    Aqua Karma Car Air Freshener Pack
    Aqua Karma Solid Body Lotion
    Aqua Karma Heart Fizz
    Aqua Karma Mini Box Of Happiness
    Aqua Karma Body Exfoliate
    Aqua Karma Bath & Body Massage Oil 150ml
    Aqua Karma Body Oil
    from £6.95
    Natural vegan skincare 'Aqua Karma' essential oil mood roller with patchouli, bergamot and lime by WiDEYE.
    Aqua Karma Mood Roller
    Aqua Karma Collection
    Aqua Karma Little Box Of Happiness
    Aqua Karma Mood Melt Pack of 8
    Aqua Karma Mood Melt Gift Set
    Natural vegan skincare 'Aqua Karma' luxury gift box with body exfoliate, body lotion, massage oil and soy wax candle. Handmade by WiDEYE in Rye.
    Luxury Aqua Karma Body Kit
    Natural vegan skincare gift box with body lotion, body scrub and bath melt by WiDEYE.
    Aqua Karma Body Kit