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Features our bestselling Aqua Karma Scent

Try our shower mood melts, alongside some of our bestselling shower spa products to soften, soothe and exfoliate your skin.

Strictly made with natural, premium ingredients at an affordable price.

£21.95 - Reduced from £26.45

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Get to know the scent inside the set

Take a step inside our Rye Store and see what our customers have to say about our de-stressing Aqua Karma citrus scent.


With citrus top notes & musky bottom notes, Aqua Karma is our go-to for de-stressing. Made with 100% pure essential oils.

Inside our shower spa welcome pack

A great option for those wanting to try our shower mood melts, alongside some of our other bestselling products.

Shower Spa Welcome Pack | £21.95

Bundles featuring Aqua Karma

Shower Spa Welcome Pack

No time for a bath? We've got you covered with our shower spa bestsellers.


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Aqua Karma Box Of Happiness

A selection of citrus scented bath and body products to help you relax and de-stress.

Bath Spa Welcome Pack

A home-spa ritual for your bath featuring our bestselling scent.


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Aqua Karma Mini Box Of Happiness

A small selection of home spa products featuring Aqua Karma.


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Explore our shower melts

Like a bath bomb, but for those of are short for time or don't own a bath. Exfoliates, softens, and nourishes your skin whilst enhancing your mood.

Shower Melt Bundles

Shower Mood Melt Eight Pack

Explore our full range of mood-enhancing shower melts.


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Shower Clay Spa Melt Eight Pack

The full range of clay spa melts to deeply detoxify your skin.

Detoxifying Shower Clay Spa Melts

Four shower melts, designed to draw out all impurities.


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Relaxing Shower Mood Melts

Four shower melts, designed to help relieve you of your worries.


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Our product philosophy

Natural Ingredients

This means we strictly avoid SLS's, Parabens, synthetic scents & fragrances. Making our products safer.

Premium Quality

We only use 100% pure essential oils and high quality ingredients from reputable suppliers.

Fair Prices

Making everything ourselves and careful ingredient sourcing, means we can keep our prices fair.

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