Get To Know our Warm Weather Scent, Summer Bliss!

A floral fusion of Geranium and Jasmine. Close your eyes and be whisked away on a romantic summer's day, a picnic in a floral filled field. The beautiful blend of jasmine and Geranium translates to that of a delicate vintage Rose.’

Alessia - The smell in the air after heavy rainfall in a hot climate, the fresh smell of spring, the warm cinnamon spice scent of Christmas. It is of no coincidence that such smells may evoke memories, as we know the human body to be wonderful and complex. Our sense of smell is handled by the olfactory system. It transmits messages to the front of the brain ,where the signals are processed, influencing emotions and triggering memories .

What's Inside?



Natural vegan soy wax Lavender & Vetiver scented candle in large frosted glass jar handmade by WiDEYE in Rye.
Lavender & Vetiver Candle
from £6.95
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Vanilla & Lemongrass Candle
from £6.95
Natural vegan aromatherapy Rose and lime soy wax candle in large frosted glass jar, handmade by WiDEYE in Rye.
Rose & Lime Candle
from £6.95
Natural aromatherapy vegan soy wax Jasmine and Geranium frosted candle jar handmade by WiDEYE in Rye.
Jasmine & Geranium Candle
from £6.95


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