EYE OPENER | Viktoria's Night Time Routine For Combination Skin

by Viktoria Filipova

Following from my previous blog, which you can see here, today I’m delivering an *essential* night combination skin face routine that if followed consistently, can bring you incredible results!

If you are unsure as to whether a night skin care routine is that necessary, especially if you have already adopted a morning one, please keep the following in mind: throughout the day our faces endure various pollutants like wind, dirt, and dust particles, which all clog the pores and lead to breakouts and skin irritations. 

What’s more, people with combination skin are especially prone to experiencing the full extent of the consequences of an improper, or lacking night-time face routine straight away, as their skin’s dry and oily zones become emphasised when exposed to the above-mentioned factors. 

So, without further ado, here are the five steps that will guarantee your skin all the comfort it needs throughout the night, so you wake up rested from a good night’s sleep.


     1. Balancing Cleanser

The vitamin-packed Rosehip Oil, acne-combating Geranium and antiseptic Witch Hazel extract combine to make for the perfect complexion-balancing cleanser.

Apply a significant amount on your fingertips and transfer over a wetted face with circular motions. Use a muslin cloth to gently exfoliate, ensuring that the face is left smooth, and more importantly, clean from any make-up or dirt residues. Finally, gently splash warm water and follow with a toner in the next step.


     2. Balancing Face Toner

If you have gotten into the habit of taking care of your skin’s health in the morning, your hands should naturally reach for the Balancing Toner.

It's wonderful Vitamin E enriched, redness-reducing Rose Water is a perfect companion during the upcoming colder months that leave the skin reddened and dry.

Simply spray from a distance and allow for the product to fully immerse into the skin and calm it.


    3. Balancing Face Cream

Did you know that the benefits of having the perfect face cream that works for your skin in the morning and throughout the day don’t have to stop there? 

Applying just one layer of your Balancing Face Cream naturally balances both the oily and dry zones that are extra emphasised at the end of the day, therefore making double the difference! The wonderful Camelia seed oil, which is rich in antioxidants, combines with Geranium and Vitamin E to protect your face from hormonal and temperature changes, making it a perfect companion for your combination skin at night.


     4. Skin Management Face Oil

Although using oil to combat greasiness may sound counter-productive, it is indeed the answer to unlocking your skin type’s balance.

Our fabulous Skin Management Face Oil’s main ingredient is Evening Primrose Oil, whose rich Omega 3 and 6 profile helps with the inflammation typical for combination type skin.  Additionally, the nourishing Rose and Arctic Oat extracts soothe the skin while Rosehip Seed Oil acts as a powerful antioxidant with its Vitamin C, regulating the oil levels.

Applying your Face Oil after your Face Cream as part of your evening routine seals the moisture in the skin and allows it to absorb the healthier oils and nutrients throughout the night.

Simply massage a couple of oil drops around your face using your fingertips and leave the skin to fully absorb the product overnight.


    5. Sleeping Beauty Mood Oil

At Wideye, we believe in the mind-body balance, so of course the skin routine would not be over without a quick and easy step favouring the mind. After all, going to bed is one of those mindful moments that deserve special attention.

Our Sleeping Beauty Mood Oil is packed with Vitamin E-rich Coconut Oil and nourishing Jojoba Oil which both condition the skin to quickly absorb our in-house bed-time remedy: a blend of soothing Lavender and Vetiver, perfect for those peaceful moments. Simply roll over your pulse points on your wrists and your temples and allow your skin’s temperature to activate the essential oil aromas and to relax your mind.

Sweet Dreams and feel free to leave us a review in the morning ;)

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