Guest Blog Post | The Global Convoy, Ideas for an Adventure and why they Choose WiDEYE

by Sam Bull

The Global Convoy, Ideas For an Adventure and Why They Choose WiDEYE 

I am a co-founder of Global Convoy, a travel cooperative connecting and bringing people together from across the world through alternative travel. We started in 2016 by driving a £75 car on a complete loop around the world; proving that it could be done and highlighting that an item seen as ‘being useless’ still had much use! Since then, we have developed into a company that leads trips through in the form of Overlanding, essentially travelling vast distances overland without using flights. We believe that this form of travel produces a meaningful experience, as it does become about the journey, not the destination. We like to see ourselves as instigators, myself and co-founders Joel and Max guide people on these adventures while sometimes taking a backseat to allow discovery and experimentation. Our budget style, down-to-earth trips enable us to take people out of the busy-ness of everyday life and into a basic environment where the focus becomes finding shelter, food and having fun. We believe that stripping back life to basics helps clear the mind and allows us time to think, grow and form meaningful memories. 

A massive aspect of our lifestyle is living as minimally and having a minor impact on the earth as possible, and that is why we decided to use WiDEYE products. Sometimes we will go for days without a real shower when driving in the wilderness, so this is when rivers and washing in nature come naturally. However, most soaps and shampoos contain harmful chemicals that damage the environment and wildlife, so when we found out about WiDEYE, we were so excited to find a company that cares as much as we do. Since discovering their store in Brighton back in 2019, we have only used their products since we recommend anyone travelling with us invests in their products. It’s not common to ‘bathe’ in a river, so we wanted to work with a product that helped educate people on the importance of the impact chemicals have on our waters, environments, and even our bodies. 

We want to encourage more people to feel comfortable having experiences closer to nature, and you don’t always have to drive thousands of miles to obtain this! We have learned that there is plenty on our doorstep, so here are two wild escapes you can enjoy in the UK. 


  1. Bothies

If you are not familiar with Bothies, you need to add a bothy stay to your bucket list. Bothies are very popular across Scotland and Wales, usually located in the hills and far from civilization. Bothies are small shelters that are usually free or can be booked using companies such as The National Trust, and they are often located in beautiful remote locations. If I am looking for an escape from the city, I usually book a bothy with some friends and enjoy a weekend of hiking and wild swimming. Some are located next to glorious highland lakes and make a great adventure with friends or family. 

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  1. Knepp Estate

Located just outside of Brighton is a beautiful project of conservation and re-wilding. Knepp Estate has been working on reintroducing native animals to the UK and in 2020 saw the first birth of a stork in over 200 years. This is an excellent place for a wild stay as it combines nature conservation with wild glamping, and they have a cute selection of treehouses, yurts, and wagons to rent. This is an excellent option for families looking for a wild escape as it is only a short distance from London, but you feel like you are in the wild.

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If you are heading off on a wild weekend in the UK, I recommend taking the Bug Repellant Spray, Barefoot Rescue Cream, and Orange and Black Pepper Shampoo Bar. During the summer months, mosquitoes are prevalent in the UK and if you get bitten as much as I do, you will need to bug spray. It is easy to apply and works wonderfully! And if you want to be extra sure, I highly recommend the travel candle too, as it works great at keeping those nasty’s away. If you are planning on hiking to a bothy, then I’d recommend the Barefoot Rescue Cream, as there is nothing better than being able to soothe sore feet after a day of hiking. Finally, I’d take the Lime, Orange, and Black Pepper Shampoo Bar as I can’t resist an outdoor shower. This particular scent is refreshing and can also double up as shower soap too!

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