How We See It | Skincare To Make You Feel Good

by Sam Bull

Skincare To Make You Feel Good 

Many skincare brands fall into the trap of trying to make us feel like there is something that needs fixing, the essence of the psychology surrounding this is that if we are made to feel like we are missing something, we will go our way to fix it. Whilst the right skin care routine will certainly boost the health of your skin, we think it’s important  focus on how it makes us feel, as opposed to trying to reach an ideal. By taking the focus away from false promises of what a product can achieve, we can start to focus more on the actual benefits something can bring.

To put this into perspective a common term you see thrown around alot in the beauty industry is ‘acheiving baby soft skin’, which in essence makes aging seem like something we need to try and avoid. Whilst a well structured routine and a healthy diet can certainly contribute to healthier and softer skin, we don’t see aging as something negative, it’s a natural way of life, skincare  products should be seen to  compliment this in a positive way, so that we age feeling good about ourselves and confident in our appearance. 

Equally important,  is how our skin care routine should be considered within the wider picture of staying healthy. Alongside our routine, maintaining a balanced diet and an active lifestyle is key, not only is there lots to say about the benefits this can bring to the health of our skin, it’s also going to work a world of wonders on how we feel more generally. 

Whilst we encompass this thought process in our values as the people behind WiDEYE, we also try to make this show in the way we formulate our products and the reasoning behind our recipes… Here are a few ways we aim to achieve this! 

Leaving out unnecessary ingredients

As a natural skincare company, it goes without saying that we are very strict in the way that we don’t use synthetic ingredients. However this all ties back into the way our products make us feel. Excluding any potentially harmful ingredients means our bodies are only getting what they need and each individual ingredient has a specific purpose in making our skin feel and look healthier.

The use of essential oils  

One of the reasons we love using essential oils across our range is down to how they can make us feel. There are plenty of studies that demonstrate the benefits essential oils can bring to our general wellbeing and even mental health when used in the right way. We love how we can use essential oils to help treat specific skin conditions but at the same time help with how we feel. Where essential oils are absorbed through the skin when applied, they then travel round the body delivering a whole host of benefits. 

Formulations by skin type, not gender

Gender in skincare is something that has long been dominated by marketing campaigns surrounding how products are tailored towards either men or women, we see this as a perfect example of how the true purpose of the product is taken out of the picture in a bid to become more appealing for reasons other than what it can achieve. Creating products by skin type and specific needs makes a lot more sense in our eyes, as we are ultimately all very different whether male or female. Again, we think the focus needs to be on how a product will address our specific skin needs and ultimately make us feel better. 

Sustainable packaging 

Whilst not directly related the product itself, when it comes to how we feel, we think it’s important to consider the wider implications of our purchasing decisions. As a skincare brand we feel it’s important to firstly focus on the product itself, but at the same time ensure our packaging is as sustainable as possible. Knowing that the purchase is sustainable and the importance of greener alternatives all ties into the idea of creating products that make us feel good about ourselves. 

The age old idea of trying to achieve eternal youthfulness or being tricked into feeling like we should look like something far from what is realistically possible we hope will soon become a thing of the past, shifting the focus on to how a product makes us feel and which specific needs it addresses is a much healthier approach.

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