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by Sam Bull

How do we see skin care?

Keeping it simple is the first place to start when we look into our philosophy on skin care, we believe that you can have great skin care products by simply harnessing the benefits of a few carefully selected ingredients. If you look into all the wonderful ingredients nature has to offer you soon start to see it has everything you could possibly want,  without the need of modification in a laboratory. For this week's blog post we take a quick look at some of the ‘hero’ ingredients you will find throughout our range of face creams! 

Marine Collagen

Our first skin care hero to call on is the ever popular Marine collagen… You will find this super ingredient across many of the products in our skin fuel range! It’s no surprise we picked this skin boosting powerhouse for the appropriately named skin fuel range. Before we go into the benefits, it’s firstly worth mentioning how marine collagen is a by-product of the fishing industry, all that is usually put to waste, is transformed into the natural rejuvenating ingredient we know as marine collagen. This makes it one of the most sustainable forms of Collagen available.

So what does it do and how does it work? 

Marine collagen is incredibly similar to the collagen our skin naturally produces, as we age, we slowly start to produce less and less of this essential protein. This is where our skin fuel face cream comes in to play! By feeding our skin with Marine Collagen, we can assist the skin in repairing itself, in turn increasing firmness and reducing wrinkles. Perfect for aging skin! 

Camellia OIl

Also known as Green Tea! Rich in Oleic acids, Camellia oil is the cherished champion in our balancing face cream, this highly nourishing oil noticeably helps the face cream absorb into the the skin as well as aiding in reducing blemishes. Another added to benefit to this ingredient is that has UV protecting properties, making our face balancing face cream great for the summer seasons (Although we still recommend using a good SPF sunscreen alongside any face creams)


Argan Oil 

Dubbed ‘nature's liquid gold’ Argan oil is renowned as one of the most well rounded oils available for the skin, it’s appliances are endless! Whilst we could go on listing tons of different benefits, We particularly love it in our rehab face cream for the way it naturally promotes skin regeneration.

Our Argan oil also comes from a woman’s cooperative in Morocco, the idea behind these collectives is that it allows impoverished communities of women to compete in what has traditionally been an incredibly difficult market to operate in. With the rise of cooperatives, women across Morocco have been able to greatly benefit from this wonderful ingredient.



Sea Buckthorn OIl

You can find this wonder berry growing locally near WiDEYE HQ! We consider sea buckthorn one of our favourite ingredients within skin care (They also make a great addition to any crumble). This cold pressed super ingredient is renowned for bringing an element of shine as well as strength to the skin, additionally it also boosts collagen production, helping reduce wrinkles. Like our Skin Fuel Face cream, this makes our Rehydrating face cream a great option for mature and dry skin. 

Quinoa Oil

Foodies have highly touted the virtues of this miracle grain over the last few years, however the recognition of its benefits date way back! Incan tribes in the andes consider Quinoa a sacred food for its ultra nourishing properties. So how does it help your skin? Where it contains all the essential amino acids, quinoa works amazingly well at restoring the skin aswell well as feeding it much needed hydration. In unison with Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils, this powerful ingredient makes our Skin Management Face Cream as fantastic as it is for restoring damaged skin. 

Coconut Oil 

It goes without saying that coconut oil is a prized ingredient throughout many of our products! To keep things simple, as is the case with out Naked face cream, its key to use ingredients that bring a lot to the table!  Coconut oil contains incredibly high levels of lauric and Caprylic acid which are known to be antifungal as well as  antibacterial. This is why we always recommend out Naked Face Cream to anyone with especially sensitive skin, not only is this face cream free from essential oils, the naturally healing properties of the coconut oil make it extra soothing!


naked face cream


We hope you enjoyed our little look in to some of our favourite ingredients, if you have any questions about our formulations and what we put in our products, please don't hesitate to drop us a message! 



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