Tips from the Team | A Packaging Free Guide to Mothers Day

by Sam Bull

sam bMothers day for the Eco-Conscious Mum 

It’s been a tough past year for both mums and dads alike, however it goes without saying that our mums are certainly in need of an extra special treat this mothers day. So what goodies are going to help our mums relax this Mothers day? We’re going to take a look at some of our favourite packaging free options, to help you find the perfect sustainable surprise for your mum!

Our top Five Packaging Free Present Ideas 

Mood Melts

Waking up on Mothers day to one of our mood melts is a sure way to gain some brownie points, these aromatic bundles of joy pack a punch with a range of aromas that you can match to your mum's mood! Does your mum need to relax? Aqua Karma is your go to… How about something uplifting? Hocus Pocus is sure to be a wonderful wake up! 

Clay Spa Melts 

The ultimate home spa shower experience… If you are looking to give something a little bit luxurious, our clay spa melts have been formulated with detoxifying clays to help naturally draw out impurities from the skin. We absolutely love these skin soothing spa treats, not only do they work wonders at restoring the skin, the essential oil aromas will be burst through as soon as they are opened up, creating a memorable gifting experience.  

Bath Bombs

There is no doubt that our mums spend a lot of time on their feet… Slowly soaking in a naturally scented bath bomb is a guaranteed ticket to an evening of calming restoration. All our Bath Bombs are individually hand made one-by-one, so you can be assured that each one you purchase for your mum is going to be beautifully created with care. 100% pure essential oils and natural dried flowers make each Bath Bomb a treat from heaven! 


Fresh Cold-Process Soaps 

For the eco-conscious Mum, our handmade cold process soaps are the perfect present! Whilst they make a great addition to any bathroom or kitchen sink, we are finding more and more people are substituting their shower gel staples for this packaging free alternative. Made with highly nourishing ingredients such as cocoa and shea butter, our soaps also feature a wide range of carefully thought out pure essential oil blends for a seriously soothing cleansing experience!

Sugar Scrubs

Our packaging free sugar scrubs combine skin nourishing cocoa butter with soothing yet exfoliating fine grain sugar to gently remove dead skin cells. Paired with our natural essential oil blends these little heart shaped goodies of joy make a wonderful little sustainable gift for any mum to enjoy at the end of a tiresome week! 

With so many options to choose from, we’ve made it easy and packed all our favourite waste free swaps into a special bundle for this mothers day! You can take a look at the collection here! 

We hope you like the look of our packaging free present suggestions for this Mothers day, if you have any suggestions on other great gifting ideas from our range, please drop them in the comments! 

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