Tips from the Team | Preserving soap, a resourceful little beauty hack from Alessia!

by Alessia Mancini

As with all of our products, they are made as a result of our love of nature and our journey to help reduce our ecological footprint. So hopefully by now, you would have tried one of our many package-free products. Customer favorites are our trusty travel soaps, SLS free shampoo bars, and Shaving bars. These are super handy and obviously travel friendly but also a well-loved product for those with a communal bathroom. Whilst these can be initially purchased in a tin, we actually offer 50p off your next purchase if you return the packaging! 

Whilst we have a range of accessories to keep these fresh, at WiDEYE, we like to be as resourceful as possible, so I’ve come up with a cunning trick to preserve your fresh soaps, using just the tin and couple of hair bands.

All you need is the following: 

1x Wideye soap, shampoo bar or Shaving Bar 

2x bobbles or elastic bands 

1x Soap tin 

Criss-cross the bands around the tin and you re done! You can now let your soap dry when you are finished with it. This will make it last much longer! 




If you want something a little bit more permanent, here are some of the accessories we offer. 



These beautiful  Abalone Sea Shells from the Southern Hemisphere are usually discarded as a by-product of Abalone farming. They are strong shells with small holes perfect for drainage. The inside of the shell is beautiful iridescent mother-of-pearl, but being smooth it's really easy to keep clean. Perfect to accompany any of our natural soaps. You can find them here.


We love our natural 100% sustainably sourced Bamboo soap Dish. It looks sleek, with a rustic feel and most of all practical. Perfect to Keep your soap fresh and dry and mush free! Making them last longer. You can find these here.


Do not let the simplicity of this little pod fool you! It is super innovative. It is in fact made from Liquid wood, which is made from a leftover part of trees that is unused during the paper-making process. This leftover pulp is combined with natural resins, flax, and fibers that can be injected into molds. Thus making this natural little soap pod biodegradable and plastic-free! Just the way we like it. You can find them here




When it comes to no-frills and practicality our Loofah soap pads tick the box. Made from fibrous fruit which when matured, turns into a dry, coarse, absorbent sponge, making this little pad eco friendly and a Wideye staple. After using your soap simply pop it on top of the Loofah to dry. It can also be used gently to exfoliate skin in the bath or shower. Link to these here



Last but in no way least is our multi-use, Sisal soap bag. Made from a natural fibre that comes from the Agave Sisalana Plant, it is stronger and more durable than other natural fibers making our Sisal soap bag a smart investment. It looks great in the bathroom and is of perfect purpose to simply pop your soap in and hang it up to dry. Another handy little trait of our Sisal soap bag is to lather up the soap and gently exfoliate the body whilst cleansing. The sisal bag is also 100% biodegradable and can be popped into the compost if you need to discard it. Check them out here  

So whatever your taste or bathroom needs, you can find a safe, dry, and practical place to store your soap, keeping it fresher for longer.




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