Routine | Releasing body tension, for the active person.

by Sam Bull

After a hard day at work or a long session in the gym, our joints can feel stiff and our muscles can get tense. The following routine is thought out with this in mind, and can really help to alleviate body tension.  

Step one: Run a bath and drop in one of our muscle management bath bombs, this first step will ease you in to the routine, with the combination of Rosemary, Black Pepper and ginger  easing your overworked muscles. We recommend giving yourself at least 25 minutes in the bath to let the oils work there wonders. 


Step two: Whilst in the Bath we’d recommend using our Chamomile and lavender mineral soap as this has natural muscle relaxant properties.

Step three: Once you are finished in the bath, if there are any particular areas which are still feeling tense, using some of our muscle management body oil, slowly massage the affected area.

Step four: Finally, once you are finished with your massage, finish off your routine with our Sundown solid body lotion, containing lemongrass essential oil, which is well-known for its relaxation properties. The moisturizer will also leave your skin feeling wonderful for the morning. 

Follow these steps, and you should feel a great sense of relief throughout your body, we’d highly recommend this for the particularly active person.

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