Routine | Setting the mood before bedtime.

by Sam Bull

Finally it’s time for bed our happy cozy safe place, for us to give our body and mind the rest It deserves and needs. However for many this can can be challenging.

At Wideye we are real people behind the brand and know of  the daily stressors and challenging things that life throws at us day to day. That is why it is so important to not only look after our bodies, but our minds too. Here are a few tips and goodies that may help to relax you at bed time.

Step 1 - Make yourself a nice cup of chamomile or valerian root tea (We’d recommend this one from bird and blend). Whilst your tea is cooling  this could be the time you take to reflect on the day and quickly make your “to do”notes for tomorrow. With Pjs  on and sipping away, perhaps take this time to reflect on the happy moments that happened that day and the moments you a grateful for. That way, when you come to the final sips you should feel happy relaxed .

The bedroom should be a place of comfort for all the senses and this is a perfect place for our Sleeping beauty reed diffuser, containing Lavender and earthy Vetiver both powerful essential oils to help aid relaxation and deeper sleep, we only use pure natural essential oils, leaving out alcohol from our diffusers meaning not only is it safer and purer but can last up to months as it will not evaporate.

 Step 2 Now grab one of our sleeping beauty balms, this beautiful active balm will help aid your sleep with the calming combination of Lavender, Vetiver and nourishing jojoba oil base. Applied directly to the skin, we'd recommend gently massaging it into your temples, wrists and the back of your neck. Close your eyes whilst taking a few deep breaths, then exhaling and dropping those shoulders.

Step 3 Prepare your pillow with our sleeping beauty pillow spray . The lavender essential oil within it has many powerful benefits, one way for us to absorb these benefits is by inhalation, which in turn stimulates the olfactory system, resulting in relaxation. Spritz a couple of times on your pillow just before bedtime, to ensure a longer lasting sleep .

 Both our sleeping pillow Spray and Sleeping Beauty balm are in handy travel size, making them the perfect size not only to keep next to your bed but also on your travels, so this is great routine to take around with you, if you struggle sleeping on trips. 

Finally, its worth mentioning that our mobile phones are one of the biggest contributing factors to an unhealthy sleeping pattern. Research suggests that the blue light which our phones emit suppresses the brains melatonin( hormone responsible for controlling your sleep Wake cycle). 

*Tip - If you can't resist looking at your phone, you can actually set it to low light sleep mode, this should help set off some of the negative effects. 

Taking the time for yourself and  making little steps to get into a night time routine will help relax you aid you into a deeper sleep. 

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