Announcement | Supporting our surroundings this Black Friday

by Sam Bull

As you might have seen from previous years, we’re not huge fans of Black Friday. At our core, we believe in delivering great value all year round. Huge discounts also favour huge corporations and puts strain on the smaller companies which put simply, just isn’t cool.

This isn’t to say you can’t find a good deal on Black Friday, take a look at our blog post from last year to find out how you can avoid being stung.

Whilst we’re not in favour of the event, it is when people are in buying mode, so this year we wanted to make the most of it and raise some money for an organisation close to our home and hearts.

Support Rye Harbour Nature Reserve this black Friday.

If you take about 30 steps towards the sea from our production unit in Rye Harbour, you will quickly come across the Discovery Centre, located just before the famous red hut.

As one of the largest and most important wildlife sites in England, Rye Harbour Nature Reserve is home to more than 4,355 species of plants and animals including 300 that are rare or endangered. The Discovery Centre encourages thousands of people a year to get more involved with nature and raises awareness about how important the conservation work that the Sussex Wildlife Trust carries out.

Goldfinch © Roger Wilmshurst

Sussex Wildlife Trust not only support Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, but lots of other diverse habitats in Sussex too. To find out more about what they do, take a look at their website here.

Black Rose Soap

Available in-store & online, between the 17th and the 27th of November, 50% of the proceeds from our Black Rose Soap will be donated to Sussex Wildlife Trust.

What’s in the soap?

One of our more popular bars, Black Rose is packed with activated charcoal (don’t worry, this doesn’t make a mess) and a soothing rose aroma! It’s great for all skin types and is especially good for detoxifying your skin.

Grab a bar here!

Black Rose Soap


Whilst we’re not running any huge discounts, we can guarantee everything you buy from us includes high quality ingredients and is fairly priced.

For any of your other purchases this Black Friday, be sure to check out our blog post from last year so you can avoid any potential dodgy deals.


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