TIps from The Team | Achieving Healther Hair

by Emily Chambers

Achieving Healthier Hair. 

By Emily, Store Manager at WiDEYE Rye 

Everyone dreams of having that supermodel moment where your glossy tresses are blowing effortlessly in the wind. But sometimes our hair doesn’t always play ball. It has taken me a while to nail down some tips and tricks that work. So without further ado I thought I would share some of my handy hair tricks, for whether you're walking the red carpet or popping out to the shops.


How to achieve smooth and silky hair...

1 - Choose the right hair products 

It’s so important to make sure you choose the correct hair products because these can make or break your hair care dreams. Focus on finding the right ones for your hair type, as these are specially formulated for that particular hair type. Here at WiDEYE have just launched our brand new shampoo and conditioner bars. With six different types you’re guaranteed to find your perfect match! 

Our ranges..

…just to mention these glorious new hair goodies contain Kokum butter. This ingredient is derived from the fruit kernels of the kokum fruit tree, which can be found in the west of India. Kokum butter has amazing benefits, including highly moisturising properties, anti-inflammatory effects as well as being rich in vitamin E and able to regenerate skin cells. 


2 - Try not to wash your hair everyday

While it may seem tempting, try not to wash your hair everyday. This can strip away the natural oils your hair produces. 


3 - Use oil treatments

Once every few weeks try to use an oil treatment. This can help hydrate dry split ends and flaky scalps. Massage the oil into dry hair. Leave on and apply a shower cap for 30 minutes to an hour. Rinse and shampoo as normal.

A few different types of hot shot hair oil treatments we offer..

  • Babassu and carrot oil
  • Argan and sesame seed oil
  • Sage and coconut oil


Improving Hair Growth 

Achieving smooth & silky hair is one thing, however adding volume is also important to consider if, like many, you find yourself with thinner or thinning hair. There are many ways we can work to improve hair growth (And volume). 


1 - Using a volume building shampoo. 

This is the first and most obvious option, many shampoos contain particular ingredients that work to stimulate hair growth. Here at WiDEYE a fantastic option we have available is our Rehab Shampoo bar, which incorporates Chamomile extract to help stimulate hair growth. 


2 - Scalp Massage 

Interestingly, studies have found scalp massages can add volume by dilating blood vessels below the skin, in turn promoting healthier thicker hair! There are several ways you can do this at home, or alternatively you can pop into the WiDEYE Rye treatment room for one of our amazing Omm Head Massages! 


I hope these tips will make your hair care dreams come true! Always remember to pop into any of our stores for any help or advice.

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