Tips From The Team | Buttercups vs Bathbombs

by Tess Wood

For this weeks blog post, we asked Tess from WiDEYE Bournemouth to take a dive into some of the key differences between two of your favourite bath time treats! On to Tess... 

Across our range we have a large array of bath goodies to indulge in, from pure essential oil and raw ingredients to moisturising treats that leave you feeling soft and smooth. A common question i get asked a lot here at WiDEYE Bournemouth is the difference between Bath Bombs and Buttercups! So let’s have a look at some of the differences between them so you can choose what suits you best!


These are a mix of things most likely found in your baking supplies, these main ingredients are Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid, that create a fizzing effect when it is put in water. The idea of using a bath bomb is to soften the water by adding natural emollients leaving your skin supple and silky. Wideye bath bombs have the added benefit of key ingredients, pure essential oils and a tiny amount of Cocoa and Shea butter to help you unwind and relax. We even have a few that contain natural minerals for exciting colours like orange, yellow, blue and pink to create a fun experience all round!

You can find our bath bombs here!

These delightful little cups are great for someone who loves a lot of moisture! Containing the same base as our bath bombs but with twice as much Cocoa And Shea butter. Consisting of raw ingredients like Himalayan salt, Lavender, Rose and many more, as well as those beautiful pure essential oils found throughout our products. Used to help soften and hydrate the skin by melting into the hot water, the butters slowly coat and sink deep into the skin and the best part is, you can skip having to use a lotion afterwards making it a quick and easy treat for your whole body. 

You can find our Buttercups here!

So in the battle of Bathbomb VS Buttercup which will you be adding to your basket?

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