Tips From The Team | Festive favourites from the WiDEYE Team!

by sam bull

If you've been shopping with us for some time now, you'll know that Christmas is an exciting time here at WIDEYE! The release of our festive range is something the team waits for in anticipation for most of the year... exclusive seasonal scents to soothe the soul, need we say no more!

This year we decided to ask our team what their thoughts were on the range and which were their favourites! Carry on reading to find out what everyone has been feeling.

Alessia - Gold Spice Range

There’s something about the rich spicy decadent aroma infused with orange oil, Cinnamon, Star Anise and Cloves that sparks that excitement of Christmas!

I Love this spicy treat, it is the ultimate winter warmer bath experience.
With super nourishing apricot oil, orange, cinnamon and clove it makes the perfect warming and uplifting therapeutic blend to tackle tired achy muscles, by boosting circulation and uplifting the soul.

Additional benefits include : Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, and rich in Antioxidants and Revitalising properties.

Tess - Winter Mist Room Spray

"Winter mist is a gorgeous blend of Spearmint and Orange essential oil that wakes me up in the morning! I have started spraying my sheets, room and every item of clothing I own with this room mist. I am so obsessed! Smells just like a crisp snowy Christmas morning."

Cassie - Frosty Rose Bliss Bath Bomb

"I am absolutely in love with the Frosty Rose Bliss Bath Bomb! The rosy smell is comforting and reminds me of summer and the natural glitter adds such a beautiful sparkle, I feel like a princess in the bath!."

David - Winter Mist Candle

"The refreshing, uplifting scents of peppermint and lime fill the room, whilst the gentle aroma of lavender and grapefruit add a soothing quality and a touch of balance. I am instantly transported to a wintry morning scene of clear, fresh air and the feel and crunch of soft snow underfoot."

Nelly - All Things Nice Sugar Scrub

"A festive favourite of mine is the all things nice sugar scrub, not only does my skin feel so smooth after using the gorgeous heart shaped treat, there’s also a delightful Christmas sent that follows me after every use. The blend of Frankincense, myrrh, orange and cinnamon leaves me feeling festive, fresh and fabulous."

Carole - Winter Posset Soap

'This soap feels like a very tender gift of love to my skin… Soft & smooth with a creamy lather releasing the warmth of cinnamon combined with the uplifting sense of well-being from the citrus oils. Not only does this feel so good it has so many benefits for the skin. The citrus oranges firming and boosting circulation while increasing collagen production among other benefits'

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