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by David Bridger

Improve Your Sleep with our Sleeping Beauty Collection

It’s official; the weather’s getting colder, the nights are drawing in and the thought of drifting off to sleep in a warm bed each night becomes ever more enticing. Whilst a good night’s sleep is certainly one of life’s simple pleasures, for many of us it can be difficult to relax and tune out the noise and stresses of modern-day living. Fortunately, nature has an answer for everything and unlocking the power of nature is what we at WiDEYE do best! So, when it comes to improving the quality of one’s sleep, look no further than our Sleeping Beauty range, which when enjoyed with just a few night-time habits, is sure to have you sleeping peacefully in no time.

With that said, let us walk you through the products and ingredients that go into our Sleeping Beauty Collection gift box – an ideal present for you or for anyone looking to make the most out of a good night’s rest.

What’s in the box?:

An Evening Bath or Shower Routine:

A warm shower or soak in the bath is known to ease muscles, improve blood pressure and have you falling asleep faster, thus improving the quality of sleep. If you have a bath, indulge yourself with our Lavender Bliss Bath Bomb or one of our Lavender ‘Butter Cups’.

The Lavender Bliss Bath Bomb is laced with shea butter and apricot oil, the former being a gentle yet effective ingredient for moisturisation, whilst the latter moisturises, nourishes, and restores dry skin due to its high vitamin A content. The scent of this bath bomb is that of lavender; floral, sweet, yet still mild and clary sage; refreshing, floral and musky. This combination of scents will provide you with an at-home aromatherapy treatment in your bathtub, ideal for calming your body and mind, all while your skin is being moisturised and restored as you relax.

The Lavender Butter Cup provides a similar bath experience with rest, recuperation, and relaxation in mind. However, the butter cups are rich in both shea and cocoa butter, ideal for those in need of a truly lavish, moisturising experience. Th e Lavender Butter Cup combines the scent of lavender with cedarwood for a floral, sweet, woody, and grounding aroma to fill the air and clear your mind, ready for a restful night’s sleep.

If you don’t have a bath – fear not! WiDEYE has the answer so that you can still enjoy a cleansing, nourishing and aromatic experience, all within your shower. Our ‘Shower Mood Melts’ are a 2-in-1 shower treat for you and your body, combining a bottom layer of light exfoliation with a top layer of moisturisation, with WiDEYE’s own scent blends infusing the water and air with the smells of natural essential oils for a holistic approach to your shower routine. To use, start by holding the mood melt under the shower water for a moment and as the colourful bottom layer begins to fizz, rub this layer all over your body to exfoliate - removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores, and preparing your body for moisturisation. As the bottom layer is used up, the creamy top layer comes into effect. This layer is high in shea and cocoa butter to provide a highly moisturising and skin conditioning finale to your mood melt. Finish up your shower with a light rinse as you enjoy the calming blend of lavender and vetiver as the Sleeping Beauty Shower Mood Melt fills the shower with scent.

Turn Off and Tune Out:

After a relaxing shower or bath, it’s important to continue your night-time routine by winding down and minimising your exposure to external stimulation, such as electronic devices and the light that they produce, particularly blue light. Exposure to light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences the circadian rhythm and thus the depth and quality of one’s sleep. So, as early in the evening as you are able, turn off electronic devices such as televisions, tablets, or computers, and even your phone if you can, for at least an hour before you go to bed. Turn off or dim any lights that you can and use this time to shower or bathe, read a book, meditate, or do some journaling - or any other low-stimulation, low-stress activity that takes your fancy. Taking a bit of time out each evening for such simple acts of self-care is not just imperative for a good night’s sleep, but also for improving one’s physical and mental wellbeing.

The Sleeping Beauty Mood Oil is ideal for these mindful, low-stimulation moments that like the shower mood melt, combines scents of lavender and vetiver for a relaxing, soothing, and grounding aroma. Apply the mood oil, which comes in an easy-to use roll-on bottle, to the pressure points on your body, such as the temples, behind your ears or on your wrists. Gently massage the mood oil into these areas to better facilitate the absorption of the lavender and vetiver essential oils and their benefits into your bloodstream. WiDEYE has a range of mood oils to choose from for anxiety, tension relief and other therapeutic benefits whether you’re at home or on the go.

Sweet Dreams:

When you’re finally ready for bed, it’s time to turn to WiDEYE’s Lavender Pillow Spray and Sleeping Beauty Balm. Not to be overlooked, these two items can be used on their own, but when used in conjunction with each other make for an effective natural remedy to induce a long, restful sleep.

The Lavender Pillow Spray needs only to be spritzed a couple of times onto your pillow before sleep to further relax and clear your mind. Unlike putting pure lavender essential oil onto your pillow, the Lavender Pillow Spray has a light, subtle scent that is not overpowering on your senses. Close your eyes and drift off under the dreamy Sleeping Beauty spell.

As for the Sleeping Beauty Balm, take a small amount (a little goes a long way!) and massage it into your temples and behind your eyes, or additionally onto your chest, to have you feeling calm, soothed, and ready for that good night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of. Goodnight!

Sleeping Beauty for the Everyday:

The relaxing effects of lavender don’t have to be reserved for the night-time, as our Lavender Day Hand Cream is made to moisturise and provide quick relief for dry, sore hands. Lavender is blended with coconut oil, jojoba and aloe vera to soothe irritation and give dry hands some much needed moisturisation. Packaged in a plastic-free, aluminium container, this travel-friendly hand cream is a must-have for the cold winter months.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s one other little item in the Sleeping Beauty range that’s present in the Sleeping Beauty Collection gift box – the Natural Air Freshener Pack. This air freshener can be hung up anywhere that requires the soothing, calming, aroma tic properties of lavender and vetiver, perhaps in the wardrobe, linen and towel cupboard, or in the bedroom? Simply add a few drops of the Sleeping Beauty essential oil blend to the air freshener disc each week to recharge and replenish the scent, wherever you may choose to place it!

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