Tips From The Team | Bedtime Foot Ritual

by Carole Riggs


I have been giving myself a foot massage before sleep for many years now, it is a favorite ritual of my day and I’m sharing that ritual here for anyone who may find difficulty getting off to sleep or just wants to end the day with some self-love and tenderness.


A foot massage as the last thing just before bed is a great sleep inducer descending racing thoughts out of our monkey minds down into your feet, grounding you.

Amazing for insomnia, emotional tension, or stress.

According to reflexology, every place on the soles of your feet corresponds to a different area of the body. By stimulating the nerve endings in the foot, you are relaxing your whole body! Wherever you press on the feet you will be stimulating an internal organ in another part of the body


This is one of my favourite products and has a permanent place on my bedside table and is the choice for my bedtime foot ritual.

The cream contains Lavender & Peppermint oils. Lavender is renowned for its sleep inducing, balancing and calming properties. And although many would view Peppermint oil as an oil which stimulates it is also a great oil for promoting restfulness by clearing your head - I would not recommend using Peppermint alone before bed but the combination with Lavender creates a great blend for bedtime. It will also soothe and refresh tired feet.


Dim your lights, light your Wideye Lavender & Vetiver candle, and take 3 slow breaths. Apply the cream to the thumbs and use the thumbs to massage the soles. Start in the centre of yout foot above the heel in line with the middle toe. Then move in a fanning movement towards each toe starting at the centre point each time and ending with a rubbing and squeeze at the tips of the toes.

Again using your thumbs draw a figure of eight shape repeatedly on your sole for a minute on each foot to draw energy downwards to relax you.

Then there is a point just above the ankle which nourishes the yin (relaxing, calming) energy in the body, and applying a little pressure to this at the end of your foot massage before sleep will help further settle the mind and release any lingering worries of the mind down through the feet and out of the body.

To locate the point place your hand over your inner leg at the bottom of the ankle, 4 fingers width up from this point will be a slightly indented point which can feel a little tender when pressed.


Now I spray my bed pillow and linen with Wideye Sleeping Beauty pillow spray, such a favourite among our customers: the Lavender to relax and calm the mind, the vetiver to ground and relax.

Lay down my head and off to a restful nights sleep...

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